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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 26, 2019
  • Animated music video parody of the film "Pokémon Detective Pikachu"
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    Movie Musicals #54: Pokémon Detective Pikachu The Musical
    After Deadpool...ahem, I mean Harry Goodman disappears and is presumed dead, his son Tim teams up with Harry's former partner Detective Pikachu and together they follow the musical tracks to the truth. Along the way, the interrogate a pesky Mr Mime, are slobbered on by Lickitung, team up with a snappy news intern Lucy and her Psyduck, battle an enraged Charizard, escape rabid Aipoms and Greninjas, and meet the mighty, legendary Mewtwo.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals: Logan Hugueny-Clark
    ►Vocals, Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (https://www.youtube.com/thevoicetree)
    ►Animation Director: EIE Productions (https://www.youtube.com/user/eieproduksies)


    My dad is dead,
    At least that’s what Yoshida and his lil Subbull said.
    Killed in a car crash that surely rocked his brain and head,
    The clues lead me to a talking Pikachu that fed,
    On a binge of coffee, with no end.
    Accounting sucks,
    My friend reminds me of my trainer days,
    I test my luck.
    Throw a poke ball at a Cubone but he’s stubborn, tough,
    Attacking me with the force of a giant speeding truck.
    Fly like a hockey puck, struck.

    Me and this kid team up, he understands me, it’s a sign,
    That we should be partners, it would be divine.
    I got bad case of the forgetsies, follow a lead with an intern, she’s s**y.
    Tim’s dad isn’t dead, the case is still open,
    Follow any trace, every clue we’re pokin’.
    There’s a gas labeled “R”, makes Pokémon crazy,
    Turns Aipoms into biters, their judgement gets hazy.
    We find our informant, it’s a Mr Mime,
    He cannot speak, interrogate him with signs.
    Battle Charizard to get info from Sebastian,
    His dragon gets high, then comes down crashing.
    I can feel we’re making progress in my jellies,
    We find Mewtwo clues in a lab that’s scary.
    Greninjas attack and chase us all around,
    Til Psyduck’s head explodes, and takes em all down.

    I really want to find dad,
    With his partner Pikachu I just might get him back.
    What am I expecting? Bad deeds need correcting. Pikachu’s detecting. Detective Pikachu is inspecting.

    Memories of dad are sad,
    Something happened to him that was horrible and bad. Bad deeds need correcting. Pikachu’s detecting. Detective Pikachu is inspecting, inspecting, inspecting.

    Your dad was the best copper,
    Determined and so proper,
    He stopped at nothing to make sure that bad guys faltered.
    Snubbull looks like a dog, but he’s a Pokémon,
    If you think that they are the same, then you are really wrong.
    We are getting off track, let’s talk about your dad,
    There is no way that anyone could survive that.
    His car was blown away, just watch it on the tape,
    There’s been no sign of him for oh so many days.


    Howard Clifford says that Harry’s still alive,
    Tim must find Mewtwo to save his life.
    Pika’s injured, trapped on colossal Pokémon,
    Bulbasaurs lead him and Tim while chirping their song.
    The legend revives him, but before he can explain,
    Ditto disguised as Howard’s son brings Mewtwo the pain.
    Howard links his mind with Mewtwo, like Avatar,
    Reveals his scheme, to change the city near and far.

    R gas is released, combining Pokémon and masters,
    It’s up to Tim and I to save Ryme from disaster.
    Tim subdues Ditto with a blast of the R,
    While I fend off Mewtwo, holding my own as we spar.
    Tim unhooks Howard’s whack a** headset,
    Which frees Mewtwo from his control, who then helps me un-forget.
    I was Harry all along, fused in the body of my partner,
    Mewtwo puts things back to normal, my mind will be much sharper.

    So happy I found my dad,
    Fused with Pikachu, now I will get to have him back.
    Things weren’t as expected. Bad deeds were corrected. Pikachu detected. Now my dad and I have reconnected.
    Memories of dad aren’t sad,
    Something happened to him but we’ve resolved all of that.
    Things weren’t as expected. Bad deeds were corrected. Pikachu detected. Now my dad and I have reconnected.

    Pika-pi, pika-pi, pi-pi-pikachu (X16)

    (C) LHUGUENY 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/XZcPCt5ARbI




     4 months ago +663

    I’m no expert, but I think Detective Pikachu has a serious coffee addiction ☕️😸

  • Abu Bakar puteh

    Abu Bakar puteh


    Why he dad is deadpool

  • StoneHard Animatics

    StoneHard Animatics

     3 days ago +1

    If u were wondering why Tim’s dad is Deadpool is cuz Deadpool’s actor is the voice actor of pikachu

  • Arus-Alice


     3 days ago

    That dr is Godzilla is here in this movie

  • HegART Family

    HegART Family

     5 days ago

    Animated song of Jaws

  • Shaun Link

    Shaun Link

     7 days ago

    oh I get it you added Deadpool because I think ryan renolds who voiced Pikachu was deadpool

  • Arthur the super gamer

    Arthur the super gamer

     7 days ago

    is it just me or dose psyduck looks like a balding 40 year old drug addict

  • Daniel Atocha

    Daniel Atocha

     7 days ago

    Why is Deadpool in the song it’s sooo funny and awsome!!!

  • Kenneth Semore

    Kenneth Semore

     7 days ago


  • Marilú grijalva

    Marilú grijalva

     14 days ago

    My jellys

  • Indoraptor 69

    Indoraptor 69

     14 days ago

    I’m sorry but why the flip is dead pool here I mean are we watching dead pool I mean it sure doesn’t look like that

  • new songs Ramos

    new songs Ramos

     14 days ago

    why is dad is Deadpool?

  • Deborah Barnswell

    Deborah Barnswell

     14 days ago


  • Rexy The TRex

    Rexy The TRex

     14 days ago

    aww the meme

  • Animation Clown

    Animation Clown

     14 days ago +2

    I for the life of me can’t figure out what this parodying

  • Elisha Watchman

    Elisha Watchman

     14 days ago


  • velvet


     14 days ago +14

    I like how the first line is “MY DAD IS DEAD”

  • Melinda Lee

    Melinda Lee

     14 days ago

    This sucks

  • Супер Геймер

    Супер Геймер

     14 days ago

    Movie was AWESOME! And this musical is... AWESOME! Good job!

  • Julian Hernandez

    Julian Hernandez

     21 days ago