Celebrities Doing Impressions (With References)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • A compilation of celebrities impersonating other celebrities as well as the closest references.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/XMmiavc5ne4


  • ahmed saleh Alafifi

    ahmed saleh Alafifi


    Funny 6:51

  • Millie Tant

    Millie Tant

     5 days ago

    The Eddie Murphy impression was spot on

  • R Ξ Ẏ N

    R Ξ Ẏ N

     7 days ago +2

    rob magnotti is a master ^^

  • Alexandra Serapicos

    Alexandra Serapicos

     7 days ago


  • Martin Craig

    Martin Craig

     7 days ago

    Alec Baldwin's Al Pacino is spot on.

  • Marcus Little

    Marcus Little

     7 days ago

    Jason Statham on point

  • Helvegen


     7 days ago

    PaSs ThE SwEeT PoTaToEs

  • vk soprano

    vk soprano

     7 days ago

    Kevin and Rock are the worst.....Sorry....

  • gtrslinger


     7 days ago

    Why is that women blurred out,?

  • SuperSaiyan3985


     7 days ago

    The Rock and Kevin Hart one cracked me up the most.

  • Joe McCarthy

    Joe McCarthy

     7 days ago

    Did they blur the women out lmao?

  • Bryan Oglesby

    Bryan Oglesby

     14 days ago

    Kevin Pollak does the best Pacino I ever heard. Ditto johnny carson.

  • Szab S.

    Szab S.

     14 days ago +3

    For me, Denzel's impersonation was the best. Those face expressions!!

  • Fuck Off

    Fuck Off

     14 days ago

    Owen wilson was the best (after rock's kevin)

  • warrenginmartini


     14 days ago

    De Niro is killing it!

  • Kathryn Pitt

    Kathryn Pitt

     14 days ago

    The Al Pacino one killed me 😂

  • TheDarkKnight


     14 days ago

    Al pacino has very unique deep voice

  • hayek77 ishida

    hayek77 ishida

     14 days ago +1

    When Kevin Said as a production and the rock started laughing that was hilarious. Hé knew hé got it spot on

  • Sonny Breeland

    Sonny Breeland

     21 days ago +4

    Why are all the women blurred out of the video??? That is so strange

  • Helvegen


     21 days ago

    Cant stop listening to that james caan impression