How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 1, 2017
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  • Monica DeVilla

    Monica DeVilla

     47 minutes ago

    She didnt use vinegar on the poached egg?!!

  • Isaac Remington

    Isaac Remington

     3 hours ago

    You never put salt before you start the cooking process. It breaks down the egg and makes it watery. Season after. How did a food channel not know this🤔

  • syed hamid

    syed hamid

     6 hours ago

    No butter to boil eggs? Surprising.

  • syed hamid

    syed hamid

     6 hours ago

    she trying to kill people? that's a lot of butter

  • Minaka Ukimato

    Minaka Ukimato

     7 hours ago +1

    BRUH i just watched Gordon ramsay make scrambled eggs.... You basically did everything wrong gurl xD

  • Paige Reese

    Paige Reese

     8 hours ago

    When she said “poooooooOOAAaaACheddd” I felt that

  • Stevan R

    Stevan R

     9 hours ago

    what the fuck is this...I need shitload of butter for my breakfast eggs -.-

  • Void


     12 hours ago

    are you a friend of how to basic?

  • Jason Hunter

    Jason Hunter

     15 hours ago

    That's not an egg, that's an omelette, you god damn

  • prashant patil

    prashant patil

     15 hours ago

    It's been a year I didn't eat an egg.i miss em.i used have 8 per day before 😞

  • stefan goatmoon

    stefan goatmoon

     17 hours ago

    i eat my eggs with the shell :) extra calcium carbonate

  • ChanBaekSoo -

    ChanBaekSoo -

     22 hours ago

    Making a perfect literally comes from practice, i have been doing that for a few years now but still the texture gwts ruined easily.

  • Pranshul Gupta

    Pranshul Gupta

     yesterday +2

    That "pooooooached" was really satisfying

  • CABOOSE27x



    gross thats so much butter ugh so nasty ruining those eggs

  • Aroma cooking - Aachi Samayal

    Aroma cooking - Aachi Samayal


    Mac and Cheese :

  • Andrew Marcus

    Andrew Marcus


    Scramble egg: 1. Add butter. 2. Add more butter. 3. Add a little more butter

  • mr.potato head

    mr.potato head


    So much butter my god might as well go out and eat at McDonald's

  • Farhan Haque

    Farhan Haque


    Why are you guys complaining? They use as much butter while cooking steaks.

  • Yasmin Ergul

    Yasmin Ergul


    Now im hungry

  • euphoria _

    euphoria _


    Thats how you know she's white