How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 1, 2017
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  • Jonathan Ambray

    Jonathan Ambray

     an hour ago +1

    The egg:*Gets overcooked just 1 second
    Gordon Ramsay:This is trash

  • Head Hunter

    Head Hunter

     3 hours ago

    how to make butter with a side of egg

  • happy meals 786

    happy meals 786

     7 hours ago👈subscribed please

  • Pragnesh Patel

    Pragnesh Patel

     10 hours ago

    Superb Thanks Dear.

  • Trendsetta TYB

    Trendsetta TYB

     12 hours ago

    I thought this was a how to basic video

  • Just Me

    Just Me

     12 hours ago

    Really liked this video mostly for the detailed instructions from a cute sounding, down to earth,funny cook. Unfortunately the handful of other videos i looked at on this channel where just music and adding all the ingredients. Wish more/all were like this... Thanks

  • The Original Shakil

    The Original Shakil

     17 hours ago

    Butter doesn’t get hot enough to fry eggs perfectly. You need to use oil.

  • elsquisheeone


     18 hours ago

    Paula Deen would like to know your location

  • skankhunt42


     21 hours ago

    Your voice is SO FUCKING ANOYING!!! You sound like a typical shallow American bitch.

  • Mihailo Lenhart

    Mihailo Lenhart

     22 hours ago

    R A W

  • Annabeth games

    Annabeth games

     22 hours ago

    Why does she sound depressed

  • henry oenica

    henry oenica


    3:16 I can do that and I feel like I'm an expert

  • Evoker Plays

    Evoker Plays


    can u plz visit india..and try some indian ... food maybe"?

  • Akim Mustaqim

    Akim Mustaqim


    **HowToBasic has joined the chat**

  • aaron singh

    aaron singh


    Watch Gordan's way of scrambelling eggs i think its a lot better

  • Kaliba Kılıç

    Kaliba Kılıç


    I need this girl

  • Nithin S

    Nithin S

     yesterday +1

    Thanks pussy 😉

  • TheBrandonRobert



    Step 1: Use oil
    Tasty: FUCKIN' WRONG.

  • b l i s s f u l

    b l i s s f u l


    how do people eat egg with the yolk not fully cooked? I call salmonella‼️

  • Xinyi Wang

    Xinyi Wang

     yesterday +1

    Other races: Fried eggs are confusing
    Asians : HA! I eat these everyday for breakfast even some children know how to make fried eggs