The PERFECT TROLL Level For Going Back-To-School!!!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • WilfredBos is at it again with the perfect TROLL level for everyone going back to school! Do your homework and complete this level before you get an F!

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  • Christopher Moon

    Christopher Moon

     4 months ago +1138

    Going back to school is already a pretty harsh troll...

  • Terri Lee

    Terri Lee

     11 hours ago

    Look at his face in 5:18

  • Eva Varela

    Eva Varela

     2 days ago

    Did you notice the yoshi in his t-shirt disapears because of the green screen?

  • Kaizobuzz !

    Kaizobuzz !

     4 days ago

    Check the timer and coin count when dgr falls for the cp1 troll

  • L3goHunt3r12


     7 days ago

    DGR: dies
    Also DGR: laughs after every death

  • EthanMK7


     7 days ago +1


  • Catvin Mobile

    Catvin Mobile

     7 days ago

    Ar ju gitin mi

  • Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar

     7 days ago

    Dang parachutes!

  • XTL maker

    XTL maker

     14 days ago

    14:12 the cannons move down when you can't see them then up then you can see them then it repeats

  • Liquid23


     14 days ago

    16:41 but dosent looking AWAY from the boo make it come closer?

  • Life of Reid

    Life of Reid

     21 days ago

    I have a good level 0GB W9P LMG

  • MrXemrox


     21 days ago

    20:19 I would use the time running out to escape the force 1st checkpoints and “softlocks” and not have to lose any checkpoints.

    21:00 But it would not help me at this time when other times would had.

  • Castle Heights PTA

    Castle Heights PTA

     21 days ago


  • Team Cyborg

    Team Cyborg

     21 days ago

    How did he get the fire flower in between blocks?

  • Team Cyborg

    Team Cyborg

     21 days ago +2

    Me watching this at the end of winter break be like

  • Camiscool


     21 days ago

    I can't sleep so I'm watching this

  • Mohamed Hamza

    Mohamed Hamza

     21 days ago +1

    You smart man I know what ur doing geting more coments with hate

  • Float Test

    Float Test

     1 months ago +1

    Around 9:06 Dgr said plossiple

  • Charlie Greco

    Charlie Greco

     1 months ago

    I watched this past my bedtime😎

  • Timothy Lang

    Timothy Lang

     1 months ago