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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2018
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    In today's video we're melting down 3D printer filament to try and cast a plastic glowing diamond play button!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/WxWn_Qq32Po


  • Steve0 ‽

    Steve0 ‽

     11 months ago +2317

    Rules were meant to be broken

  • Desiree Head

    Desiree Head

     12 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what all the little pop-up symbols are in their videos?

  • Jon Mills

    Jon Mills

     23 hours ago

    if you use a heavier, thicker pan, you'll retain the heat longer and have a little more time to pour

  • Bob Brostrom

    Bob Brostrom

     2 days ago

    Your diamond is a triangle!

  • Hacking Dude

    Hacking Dude

     4 days ago

    You should have double boiled it

  • tucker lingenfelter tucker lingenfelter

    tucker lingenfelter tucker lingenfelter

     4 days ago

    U should give it to Matt from demolition ranch and he can shoot it and stuff like that

  • Opfindern Emil

    Opfindern Emil

     5 days ago

    Hope you dont take my 10kg filament /10,000g pla

  • Pamle Pfirman

    Pamle Pfirman

     5 days ago

    I want one

  • Sayed 138411

    Sayed 138411

     7 days ago

    داداش اشتبا زدی

  • ChristiaMusic


     7 days ago

    Can you cast aluminum in a proto putty?

  • tstuff


     7 days ago

    Did you grind it up in the blender and try putting it in the cotton candy maker?

  • Emil Englund

    Emil Englund

     7 days ago

    3:06 i found it😀👍👌

  • Isaac Lux

    Isaac Lux

     14 days ago

    That's the weirdest spaghetti I've ever seen.

  • CoolJetGamer


     14 days ago

    Found something 9:01

  • Mr Jason Bennetts

    Mr Jason Bennetts

     14 days ago

    u should of just blended the plastic wire u would of got a better melt hehe XD

  • Tim Segrest

    Tim Segrest

     14 days ago

    Send it to matt on demo ranch

  • let go!!

    let go!!

     14 days ago

    Random king of random logo

  • Brandon Byers

    Brandon Byers

     14 days ago

    Yee yee

  • Elijah Morris

    Elijah Morris

     21 days ago

    But why didn’t you just 3D print a play button?...

  • Justin Y. 2.0

    Justin Y. 2.0

     21 days ago