Getting TROLLED In Mario Maker 2 Is Already AMAZING!!!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • It's absolutely incredible to think that quality troll levels are being built on the FIRST DAY of Mario Maker 2's release! The level I played today was made by Symplectic and is a great way to start out the TROLLED series for MM2!

    Nintendo has since taken down the level, use this level code instead:

    Consider following Symplectic so you can play all his levels!
    Maker ID: 96J-LGW-0PF

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  • Person Person

    Person Person

     14 days ago

    4:57 hidden block thrown off a track

  • Chris The man

    Chris The man

     14 days ago

    8:43 a time before check point city was built

  • SickBigCake 1234

    SickBigCake 1234

     28 days ago +1

    He put a invisible block on a track that has a end

  • Matzex M

    Matzex M

     1 months ago

    This video is on my Birthday. 😂

  • Dum Dum

    Dum Dum

     2 months ago

    Dum dUm

  • Jelena Okadar

    Jelena Okadar

     2 months ago

    The name is dry bone Shell

  • how_It Gaming / Flood Escape 2 And More

    how_It Gaming / Flood Escape 2 And More

     3 months ago


  • Brenda Underwood

    Brenda Underwood

     3 months ago

    14:22 it's a GLITCH

  • Brenda Underwood

    Brenda Underwood

     3 months ago

    4:53 it's a dry bones shell

  • Brenda Underwood

    Brenda Underwood

     3 months ago

    1:33 it's a goombrat

  • GamerGK V

    GamerGK V

     3 months ago

    Because of Mario’s girth his size is colliding in the border of the end or the camera’s size he will be able to climb the border wall of the camera you’ll fall down when pressing left
    because you’re not climbing the wall you’re trying to move, jump, and look left if this doesn’t make sense I don’t blame you

  • Sam TBW

    Sam TBW

     3 months ago +1

    Just learnt when you fail the X pins that drop are where most people fail at. Like if you think this is a cool feature!

    Edit: deleted space in wrong place
    (Wow that rhymes xD)

  • Andrew Hasenpflug And Pugsriel

    Andrew Hasenpflug And Pugsriel

     3 months ago

    DGR: 4:58
    Ceave: This is a trick we like to call the hidden block on tracks. When it falls off, you can't see it and it has no collision detection until Mario bangs his fist against the block, causing him to die.
    DGR: 10:-09
    Ceave: This is what we like to call a p a r a c h u t e.

  • BS Gaming

    BS Gaming

     3 months ago

    He abandoned “shell”

  • Clay McGranahan

    Clay McGranahan

     4 months ago

    red is also my favorite

  • FLP Gaming

    FLP Gaming

     4 months ago

    You also have L83 0L8 53G

  • Alex White

    Alex White

     4 months ago

    I have a wet level code and it ist8d59xtyg

  • Linda Cedeno

    Linda Cedeno

     4 months ago

    It's called a dry Bones show dgr Dave

  • Martin M

    Martin M

     4 months ago

    I didnt like playing SMM2 but I like watching people trying troll levels.

  • Vin Gatti

    Vin Gatti

     4 months ago