Forging a Damascus hunting knife.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Forging a Damascus hunting knife.
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  • SKY walk 3000

    SKY walk 3000

     14 days ago

    Can someone tell me where to buy those knifes? So cool

  • Isabella Arslani

    Isabella Arslani

     21 days ago

    could be sharper

  • alder enoch

    alder enoch

     1 months ago

    Muchlove from pacific northwest enoch

  • muffemod


     1 months ago

    Easily watchable at 2x speed.

  • Ashokranjan Ayam

    Ashokranjan Ayam

     1 months ago

    Can i buy ?

  • 김영균


     1 months ago


  • John Shaft

    John Shaft

     2 months ago

    Not Nice!!! Messer is SCHROTT: ausgeglühte Stelle am Erl, durch das unnütze erhitzen der Nieten :-(((

  • Dean Firnatine

    Dean Firnatine

     2 months ago

    Work of Art

  • андрей землянухин

    андрей землянухин

     2 months ago

    Нож классный,но толстый

  • Saleih Bofjrh

    Saleih Bofjrh

     2 months ago

    وااااااااو . عمل رائع ومتقن وحرفيه عاليه ❤ احسنت

  • TheWind213


     2 months ago +1

    You forged an eloquently crafted knife, I especially like the design on the blade. Well done Sir.

  • hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ?

    hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ?

     2 months ago

    Beautiful blade, man! Done the old world way!

  • Sina Gonser

    Sina Gonser

     2 months ago

    Was kostet das messer?

  • osama salqawi

    osama salqawi

     3 months ago

    Well done bro

  • Ariel Ramirez

    Ariel Ramirez

     3 months ago

    Hola, ¿de que acero está hecho tu cuchillo?

  • Stan Parkin

    Stan Parkin

     3 months ago +2

    Freek, this is another damn good looking knife you have made. The grips are beautiful and it would look good in any collection. Your video is also, as ususal, perfect. Keep up the good work friend. Thank you

  • Bebe Arghirescu

    Bebe Arghirescu

     3 months ago

    How much for a knife like this?

  • Raul R Rodriguez

    Raul R Rodriguez

     3 months ago +1

    Nice knife work

  • shu ryanology

    shu ryanology

     3 months ago

    actually it’s not an actual damascus, just looks like a damascus steel. but i love the design and finishing touch

  • Commando 4

    Commando 4

     3 months ago +1

    Excellent job. One of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen.