Letterman to OReilly: Youre a goon

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 1, 2009
  • David Letterman is having his own pundit war.

    I think of you as a goon, Letterman point-blank told OReilly on Tuesday nights show. Then, holding up the cover of OReillys book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, which has a photo of OReilly as a boy, Letterman quipped, I look at that and I see this sweet, adorable kid I have a sweet adorable kid and I wonder, What if he too becomes a goon?

    OReilly also revealed that former Vice President Dick Cheney refused to come on his program, adding that he doesnt like Cheney: We asked him a million times he wouldnt come on.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/WS1KYcrJSXQ


  • timboslice 67

    timboslice 67

     11 hours ago

    Never liked Bill O'Reilly....something about him rubs me the wrong way



     21 hours ago

    As a huge Letterman fan, as well as a huge dislike 4 O'Reily, I always cringed at this. He's a guest David. Don't have him on just to attack him. Even if he is a goon.

  • North Eastern Roberts

    North Eastern Roberts

     yesterday +1

    This was way too funny lol

  • Mahmoud Sobhy

    Mahmoud Sobhy


    david letterman is smart as a whip !



     2 days ago

    Letterman is a sufficient clown

  • Sir Winston Lennon

    Sir Winston Lennon

     2 days ago

    Bill should have punched him in the mouth!

    Letterman is the goon NOW!

  • Sir Winston Lennon

    Sir Winston Lennon

     2 days ago

    Letterman is paid by the DNC!

    Lets be real here.. everyone knows it!

  • You Tube

    You Tube

     2 days ago +2

    Evil Dave is way more entertaining than the real Dave Lederman

  • Big Dick

    Big Dick

     3 days ago +3

    1k people are right wing boot lickers

  • Birgir Karl Óskarsson

    Birgir Karl Óskarsson

     3 days ago


  • Fastrope15


     3 days ago

    Oreilly is such an arrogant prick.... good riddance

  • Valtteri, it's James

    Valtteri, it's James

     3 days ago

    I hate O Reilly. I think he's a wannabe sell out. But here he smokes Letterman on his own turf. Letterman should be ashamed that he made a fool of himself in his own show, despite having the moral upperhand. He has always been arrogant and proud, pretending to be more intelligent than he actually is, and often drowning embarrassingly in his own hauteur. Colbert, his successor, is a more crude version of exactly this.
    Makes you wanna appreciate Jon Stewart even more.

  • Owen Zappa

    Owen Zappa

     3 days ago

    2009 problems, how cute.

  • Patrick


     3 days ago

    O'Reilly is a masterful clown.

  • Matthew Baringer

    Matthew Baringer

     4 days ago

    Dave looks like a fool

  • Donny Nation

    Donny Nation

     5 days ago

    Surprisingly, even though Lettterman works overtime to discredit and demean O’Reilly, Bill handles it with aplomb and stumps him at least twice during the course of the conversation. Dave insults O’Reilly a number of times, and Bill doesn’t respond in kind. That usually means you’re winning the conversation. In this case, it’s abdundant clear what Letterman’s agenda was and he failed to make O’Reilly look like a goon even though he called him one.

  • Toni Raff

    Toni Raff

     5 days ago

    OR what a prick

  • Tom


     5 days ago +1

    Fuck it we'll do it live!

  • Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass

     5 days ago

    Back when republicans had the balls to put their faces on TV. (Republicans are on tv today often when they’re being investigated).

  • Ultimatum


     5 days ago +6

    The man started in Dunder Mifflin, Scranton PA