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  • Published on:  Friday, June 22, 2018
  • As a mysterious apocalypse causes the spread of misinformation and violence, a man and his estranged father-in-law race across a chaotic and fractured country to save his pregnant wife. Starring Theo James, Forest Whitaker and Kat Graham, How It Ends premieres July 13 only on Netflix. Watch How It Ends on Netflix: Netflix:Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.Connect with Netflix Online:Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: Netflix on FACEBOOK: Netflix on TWITTER: Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Netflix on TUMBLR: It Ends | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • InvestorHawk


     a years ago +511

    If you watched this trailer... you watched the entire movie. Literally. Nothing else happens.

  • Cellina Lee

    Cellina Lee

     a years ago +764

    Did yall see the ending!?!??! The 2 hours of my life I can never get back....



     a years ago +402

    Don't watch it!

  • PapaNeedsABreak


     a years ago +527

    They should have named it "How it ends doesn't matter" because there really is no ending. Pretty much a zombie apocalypse scenario without the zombies. It had me engaged throughout. 3/5

  • Do gs

    Do gs

     a years ago +95

    Jesus...this film was good till I saw the end...the name is it ends..the end is shit..we didn't even see if they survived

  • Hal da Costa

    Hal da Costa

     a years ago +3369

    I'm not saying it's aliens, but... A L I E N S

  • Queens1


     8 months ago +29

    I watched it just cause Theo James is in it..... well I also like Kat Graham so yea

  • brother mike

    brother mike

     5 months ago +13

    movie with no ending called how it ends! lmao! jokes on the idiot that watches it! 3/10

  • John Young

    John Young

     3 months ago +27

    Honestly, this was a good setup for a sequel or a trilogy, if that’s what they had in mind. I would really like that.
    Otherwise it’s not good as a stand-alone film.

  • Terb


     4 months ago +23

    It looks dumb, and the comments seem to say the same...
    At least it's not the usa saving the world again i guess
    Wont watch it

  • 21xxx21


     a years ago +330

    No more money to continue the shoot? No problem, let's just end it here at this random point.

  • jewcify


     a years ago +19

    I thought the movie was very exciting but how it ended was a little disappointing. I’m really looking forward to sequel for some further explanations

  • Heather Clark

    Heather Clark

     7 months ago +4

    I loved the movie but hated the ending, nothing is explained....what was causing these occurrences? Did everyone die? Did the couple escape at the ending? So many unanswered questions!

  • The Right Honourable Jimmy

    The Right Honourable Jimmy

     11 hours ago

    I was so close to that climax and BAM, interrupted.

  • Bryan Max

    Bryan Max

     a years ago +2

    when u have all yo money in the bank but then the internet goes down😨😱😢😭

  • Colby Smith

    Colby Smith

     a years ago +136

    They literally showed the end of the movie at the end of the trailer lmao thats it

  • Astronomy VIDS

    Astronomy VIDS

     a years ago +12

    earth pole reverse is the reason. North becomes south and south north

  • Myasia Jay

    Myasia Jay

     7 months ago +2

    Well It wasn’t a 10 for me but I liked it (shrugs shoulders)



     a years ago +6

    I guess you forgot TO BE CONTINUED at the end.

  • Speaking of Kate

    Speaking of Kate

     a years ago +63

    This was a disappointment. We never really knew what was going on. It ends badly too. Hopefully there’s a sequel