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  • Damien Robinson

    Damien Robinson

     a years ago +610

    It seems like CW and Netflix have a close relationship because every time a season of their show ends it’s only a few days until it’s on netflix

  • Messy


     a years ago +294


  • Spaghetti.png


     a years ago +198

    I haven’t heard of 98% of the things coming to Netflix in August. Why can’t they give us the things we want instead of things no one knows about?

  • Kali Cat

    Kali Cat

     a years ago +74

    Waiting for season 3 of
    Series of unfortunate event's and
    Riverdale 🍿
    There's a reason why I said waiting 😑

  • Ty'Leena Jefferson

    Ty'Leena Jefferson

     a years ago +238

    Yesss The Originals, Insatiable,To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.....Now I’m Just Ready For On My Block & Greenhouse Academy new seasons 😫❤️

  • Deborah Wey

    Deborah Wey

     a years ago +400

    can’t wait for to all the boys i’ve loved before!

  • mika k

    mika k

     a years ago +59

    Yes the good place and the 100!!

  • Spongebob Sucks

    Spongebob Sucks

     a years ago +58

    Netflix: Castlevania season 2 is coming in the summer.
    Fans: Where's Castlevania season 2?
    Netflix: ya'll hear summ?

  • jeonqhanii


     a years ago +45

    honestly only use netflix for voltron

  • Iron man

    Iron man

     a years ago +17

    The 100 and the originals... SAY NO MORE!!!

  • TheAvidCommenter


     a years ago +62

    Most of it is just Netflix originals. It seems like each time netflix removes something they have to replace it with a crappy netflix original.

  • Shadow Shirogane

    Shadow Shirogane

     a years ago +7

    Who cares about all of these other shows
    Voltron season 7 is the only relevant and good thing coming out smh
    (also 13 days away I'm not ready)

  • Dave4493


     a years ago +10

    For everyone complaining: Be Openminded and you will find new shows that you may like, that’s how I discovered Mindhunters, Narcos, Punisher, Orange is new Black, Ozark’s and some other not as known shows/films

  • TonyThekid


     a years ago +23

    Criminal minds season 13 ?

  • cole


     a years ago +71

    waits for stranger things to come up

  • That One Mistake 0-0

    That One Mistake 0-0

     a years ago +7

    Everyone be talking about other shows, BUT THE GOOD PLACE SEASON 2 IS GONNA BE ON!

  • Mystical Despair

    Mystical Despair

     a years ago +6

    I am not ready for voltron season 7
    Send help

  • Ayden Pokemon

    Ayden Pokemon

     a years ago +5

    Iv'e been wating for the good place season2 far too long!

  • Huntjam 02

    Huntjam 02

     a years ago +427

    Voltron season 7
    That is all

  • Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer

     a years ago +8

    All I care about is Voltron season 7.