Burying Waste versus The Compot

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
  • A video showing the difference between burying your waste in the ground compared to using a Compot. It is definitely quicker in the Compot. But you be the judge. I made a spelling mistake in the title. Verses should be spelled VERSUS. lol
    www.directcompostsolutions.com or compot.com.au
  • Source: https://youtu.be/VtVnIo53n-o


  • Diana Lin

    Diana Lin

     7 days ago

    Where to buy that barrel pot?

  • richardnolan27


     14 days ago

    Dig a hole fillet with scraps covered with dirt leave the buckets out of the equation how in the hell are the worms supposed to eat the scraps and turn it in to warm poop and make wonderful soil ????🌎💕

  • Carlos Moran

    Carlos Moran

     21 days ago +1

    Try a lower speed on drill you’ll find it works beter

  • Cynthia H

    Cynthia H

     1 months ago

    Hello! I read some of the comments and saw that you do not yet have this available in the US. Would this product be dependent on the weather? I'm curious if this would work in the winter or if this is only usable during the summer.

  • Eric Fulda

    Eric Fulda

     1 months ago

    My neighbor broke her wrist using a hand drill to dig.

  • Brian Kane

    Brian Kane

     1 months ago +1

    "Grass cottings" almost look like 2nd cut silage. ;-)

  • Brian Kane

    Brian Kane

     1 months ago +1

    Worms'll find their way - if there's goodly nosh laid on for them.

  • Brian Kane

    Brian Kane

     1 months ago +1

    NICE to hear "Compost". I've heard dammall but "Compoast" all night.

  • Glenn Dunscombe

    Glenn Dunscombe

     1 months ago +1

    a bit of hard work might harden those muscles up and it will no longer be hard.

  • Glenn Dunscombe

    Glenn Dunscombe

     1 months ago

    invest in a shovel!!!!

  • Brenda


     1 months ago

    I saw the bare shoulder thumbnail. and thought "What"? not really intersterested

  • Jeanne S

    Jeanne S

     2 months ago +2

    Awesome! Another empowered woman who has power tools and knows how to use them!!! BTW I read typo and could care less as long as it isn't profaning G-d or I can't figure out what a person meant. I enjoyed the video as I am always interested in what to do with table scraps, fruit & veggie peelings, egg shells, tea leaves, coffee grounds etc. Our veggies can't give us proper nutrients if they don't have them to begin with, so always enrich the soils of your gardens! Worms are a great sign this woman has nice rich soil filled with organics. For those who prefer the spade go for it, I'm not going to waste my day and be your judge and no one is going to stop you. I'm pushing 70. Every year I get a little older and power tools keep me capable of doing those things I love very much. They are an awesome time saver for the mass gardener. I would have used more power tools during the time I was raising his, hers, ours, and theirs kids if it was affordable. Yes gardening and preserving was a full family affair...but often the gardening got left to just me because they had paper routes and summer camp every year. I had one gas powered cultivator and it wasn't enough. I have two electric cultivators now and several battery packs kept at full charge. I still can my harvests but cut corners with new-fangled electric cookers which are set and go. The kids still come by for cases of organic home made spaghetti sauce and veggies and BBQ sauces. They do can some themselves but are busy with college and careers. The crops I grow using power tools don't taste any different or are any less nutritious than those done completely by hand. Yes I do often use a spade but I'll toss it aside for a power tool in a heartbeat. I have other things to do with my time, like fishing, and cutting pretty flowers. This lady totally rocks. I think some the commentators with the negative comments could be just a little bit jealous.

  • greg palmer

    greg palmer

     2 months ago

    a true unbiased test , for sure.... insert sarcasm.... oh well.. internet is open to everyone, and flooded with information

  • BlowItOutYourCunt


     2 months ago +1

    Power drill + gardening = I'm in love ;) Cheers ma'am!

  • Aji Diansyah

    Aji Diansyah

     3 months ago

    Your soil, did you mix it with biochar?

  • Wall Street Homestead

    Wall Street Homestead

     3 months ago +5

    Excellent comparison on different methods and their results. Great information for me as I am trying to get started composting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • luis urhan

    luis urhan

     3 months ago +2

    I hate when i see this big homes with plenty of land around them and plenty of black garbage bags with all the trimmings from the garden in it. Can't they spare a small piece of their lot to compost or bury such material? By the way maam' you're doing right. It's your way but any little bit helps. I'd figure everybody will find their best ways to do things. But i'm so glad you are conveying a great msge. Thanks!

  • Kate Toullis

    Kate Toullis

     4 months ago +4

    They’ve invented another new eco friendly tool, super fast it’s called a spade

  • TheDirtyyoungman1


     4 months ago +1


  • SuzyQ Veganbeauty

    SuzyQ Veganbeauty

     4 months ago

    It really doesn’t matter how you do it nature is going to break it down either way I put my scraps in a plant cover it with wood chips and soil and plant directly in the pot and it works beautiful. And there is no smell at all