Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"



  • M C

    M C

     2 years ago +21061

    I'm so sorry for what you've been through- it must have been really hard to tell us the things you were struggling with and we appreciate what you did.
    i love you as a person
    youre not weak"
    - Daisy Fernandez
    "Jaiden why you keep that beautiful face from us?
    (I really mean it!)"
    - Fahira 117
    "You don't know me, I'm just another one of your million + subscribers out there, haha. But I want you to know, your story is one of the most courageous I have ever heard.. and to me, you truly are a beautiful person."
    - Thatcinnamonwolf
    "(...) Lots of people are going through the same thing and your speech towards the end was...Uplifting, it made me feel stronger and now you should stop judging and start a new path on loving, looks don't matter as long as you follow the right path"
    - I Heart Drawing
    "(...) You're unique and don't change that for anybody. Also, live life while you can because if you just focus on the negative then you won't have a happy life, and you only get one life, so just enjoy that life"
    -Taco Playz
    You. Are. NOT. A disappointment.
    We are here for you no matter what happens. You feel depressed? We care about you and we'll help you just like you want to help others.
    And if it makes you feel better,
    There are like 7,000,000,000 people in the world
    And many of them struggle or have struggled with something similar to your situation.
    But you know what? Many of them were able to break free from those problems and fears, and are no longer suffocating in that poisonous cloud- so if they could break free, so can you.
    So please reach out for help when you feel like you need it, and talk to people. I PROMISE you will feel better.
    And if you feel like they will be disappointed, trust me, if they're close to you and care about you, they'll help you a lot more than you expect.
    But if you feel like handling your problems on your own, just remember that you're not alone and we care about you.

    And once again,
    You are NOT a disappointment.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Stay safe.
    PS: This also goes to anyone who is going through similar struggles, depressive thoughts or just having a really bad time as well. I hope you get better :)

  • Roman Jamrozek

    Roman Jamrozek

     7 days ago +1594

    I watched the whole video!

  • Codeman 101

    Codeman 101

     7 days ago +1044

    I have no idea how you’d have the confidence to post this
    Your a strong woman jaiden

  • Itz Camila

    Itz Camila

     5 days ago +230

    Hope you don't feel this pain 2019 :c am glad your still here

  • Pol Roca

    Pol Roca

     7 days ago +298

    Jaiden... you are not ugly, you are not alone, you are the bestest friend ANYONE can have!

  • Memes Beans potatas Tamatas

    Memes Beans potatas Tamatas

     2 years ago +1478

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    It does not matter of im short or tall
    If i have skinny legs or if my hips are wide
    It only matters who i am inside
    Blue eyes brown eyes black or green
    What makes me beautiful cannot be seen
    When you see me dont judge me parts
    The most beautiful thing about me is my heart
    One day you will look back and you will see
    I am perfect because im me!!

  • kaia kat

    kaia kat

     6 days ago +230

    Jaiden: giving a speech
    Me:thinking she will be pretty
    Jaiden:face reveal

  • Sir. Tláloc

    Sir. Tláloc

     7 days ago +91

    I'm quite new to the channel, and I was curious to see how you were.
    But instead of a face reveal I found this.
    I was very impressed to see that this person so grateful that she helped me to entertain with her videos, would have gone through this.
    I'm late, but I see that there are still people like me here, new people who will support you in everything you need. I just want to say that you have improved a lot Jaiden, you already left this behind, but I'm worried that something similar will happen again ...
    Don't let people's negative thoughts define you. Everyone here agrees that you are beautiful, so... you shouldn't worry about it.
        —Only a sub telling the truth

  • Jura Perić

    Jura Perić

     7 days ago +53

    If you skipped the entire video to see her face you deserve to hug a creeper

  • Marley Pickett

    Marley Pickett

     yesterday +16

    A person who fell and got back up is a lot stronger then a person who never fell

  • Emme_lou


     8 months ago +1890

    Hmmm weird, 10k people missed the like button because they’re eyes were filled with tears...

  • Tails The Fox

    Tails The Fox

     yesterday +12

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    It doesn't matter
    I'm gonna pull through
    We know what your going through
    Im going through it too.
    Please keep us sane,
    And make something new (I mean a video)
    We're trying to help you,
    With all our support,
    Maybe it's not helping you,
    But please don't abort.
    We all are beutaful
    We all are different
    No matter who or what you are,
    You always are magnificent!
    (He wrote this for u :3)
    Thanks for the like ;)

  • Irrelevant


     7 days ago +52

    Dear Jaiden,
    You are so strong.
    We all love you.

  • Gama vortex

    Gama vortex

     5 days ago +59

    The people who disliked are just sad and just jealous of her we all believe in you 😃

  • JSauce the furry hunter

    JSauce the furry hunter

     yesterday +9

    The twelve thousand people who disliked this received a free ticket to hell

  • The Cringe Files

    The Cringe Files

     7 days ago +36

    Jaiden: Posts
    Daftpina: It's free real estate
    But seriously tho I hope you get better

  • Million Dude

    Million Dude

     2 days ago +4

    Jaiden, you are so strong. I love everything you do and you are so amazing. It's so inspiring how brave you are. Thank you

  • Olivia Knight

    Olivia Knight

     7 days ago +57

    I love you so much jaiden pls love yourself you should your amazing and beautiful

  • Kookie -Gimme a cookie plz-

    Kookie -Gimme a cookie plz-

     5 days ago +21

    Your a strong person and you can push through anything when you try! Love your vids I’m late I know but keep going you can do anything!!<3
    Ps: your beautiful!!

  • Tahlia Walker

    Tahlia Walker

     3 months ago +2270

    This hit me hard.
    I wish I was there for you.
    You shouldn't have had to gone through this alone.
    We all love you Jaiden.