Twisted Family Guy Facts And Theories COMPILATION

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    Even though Family Guy has been on the air for almost twenty years (think about that and try not to feel old!), and we feel like we know just about everything about our favourite dysfunctional, Rhode Island dwelling family, there are always some details left to be revealed, that just might make you think twice about the show! From the fact that Chris’s voice is inspired by none other than Buffalo Bill, or that William H Macy was almost the voice of Brian, or even that the food animated on the family’s dinner plates has been literally the same meal since the beginning! How about how there are always two versions of the show, or how Peter is wearing a woman’s shirt, or how they make fun of Meg so much because the male writers didn’t know how to write for a teenage girl. There’s the fact that Peter was based off of a security guard, or that Meg’s original voice would go on to play none other than Gretchen Weiners, the Parents Television Council has named Family Guy “Worst Show Of The Week” 44 times, the cast makes a ton of money per episode, Brian was named Stoner of the year, Quahog is named after a shellfish, Lois was supposed to be blonde, the show broke an Emmy nomination record held by The Flintstones, Quagmire is 71 years old, “what the hell” can’t be said enough, and Seth Macfarlane’s path to cartoon fame actually had a pretty surprising and humble beginning! All of this and more might just make you say “What the deuce?” about our friends, The Griffin family.

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