11 Unusual yet Delicious Ways to Cook Food! | Creative, Unconventional Cooking Hacks by Blossom

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Learn how to create delicious meals in the most unconventional yet easiest way possible! We get creative with our cooking where we use unusual methods of cooking to get a tasty meal!

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    11 Unusual yet Delicious Ways to Cook Food! | Creative, Unconventional Cooking Hacks by Blossom
  • Source: https://youtu.be/VMcmWCjzsj4


  • Endermanx ender

    Endermanx ender

     6 hours ago

    4:54 Ajá, tutorial falso porque esta quemada y lo esconden, gracias pilopi

  • aba dambly

    aba dambly

     9 hours ago +1

    I don't know how they did it, but the crepes one didn't work for me. I tried it multiple times.

  • Indana Aulia

    Indana Aulia

     17 hours ago

    Apa cuman aku yang orang indo🤔

  • andrea y Rizzoli gaticornios

    andrea y Rizzoli gaticornios

     yesterday +1

    Todo eso es todo lo que tienen

  • Xx_메신저 게이_xX

    Xx_메신저 게이_xX


    I know it doesnt work but I also wanna make dumplings

  • Simone Anami

    Simone Anami


    Como limpar panelas de inox

  • Giò The Gamer

    Giò The Gamer


    6:26 no.

  • 台灣爆氣哥




  • Влад Трефилов

    Влад Трефилов


    Они ебанутые? В молоко соль дабавлять

  • paola airbeth

    paola airbeth


    Es esto tan fácil como parece. Hace falta algo de tiempo y alguna guía . Creo que sólo es propaganda lástima 🙄

  • Ana Júlia Fernandes

    Ana Júlia Fernandes

     2 days ago

    Alguém do brasil aki cmg?ksks

  • Скучно за BTS

    Скучно за BTS

     2 days ago

    Я яйцо за минуту в микроволновки сварила Карл

  • Redy to play 123

    Redy to play 123

     3 days ago

    Ty zmrde c tu na mě zkoušíš;)

  • Ekaterinaun Vladislava

    Ekaterinaun Vladislava

     4 days ago


  • Julius Orji

    Julius Orji

     4 days ago

    11:22 I'd love some salty milk

  • Noxturn Spirit

    Noxturn Spirit

     4 days ago

    Salted milk :'(

  • Krumbae


     5 days ago

    The second one isn't true

  • Maria Galuszka

    Maria Galuszka

     6 days ago

    Warning: do NOT cook an egg in the microwave, my aunt tried that and it exploded all over the place 😕

  • peace 23

    peace 23

     6 days ago

    U cant just do anything and say its cooking...

  • Manar ouled

    Manar ouled

     7 days ago