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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • Kevin and Sarah do the morning chores with the animals, show exciting garden updates, and harvest from the garden for the farmers market.

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  • beamerUSA


     7 days ago

    9:00 Melons...........he said melons..... Where? where? 💋😁😆 drooling

  • lichub


     14 days ago

    Good thing pigs can't read. Wearing an "I heart bacon" tee shirt is kind of tempting fate.

  • Robert Renfrow

    Robert Renfrow

     14 days ago

    I like the weed barrier in your melons. What I do though is lay out cardboard to completely cover the sq footage that i designate. Then, I spread out straw, hay and leaves about 1 ft deep or deeper. I will then build my melon mounds with extra dirt, mulch and compost.

  • Begginer's Cook

    Begginer's Cook

     14 days ago

    from Philippines here. we used to have a looootttt of native chickens. our area is only 1000 sg. meter and we build a shelter for the laying chicken otherwise their egg wont hatch if it get wet. we fed them crack corn. our native tahop mixed with chopped vegies green ones also grated cassava. we havest eggs everyday. our chickens are multiplying fast and we got a problem with area.and problem with thieves.

  • Pwecko


     14 days ago

    I didn't know what a strange noise turkeys made until now.



     21 days ago

    Isn't it hard to make them bacon after you are all buddy-buddies with them? They seem to like you as much as you like bacon...

  • Dixie Ten Broeck

    Dixie Ten Broeck

     21 days ago

    Please, say you're not housing poultry under your house? Birds carry some bad respiratory bugs. I wouldn't sleep under the same roof with them....

  • barry graham

    barry graham

     21 days ago +1

    wishing you The Best of The New Year 2020

  • Tommy Brown

    Tommy Brown

     21 days ago

    Baker Creek seeds 👍
    I planted the Tiger eye beans. They make great refried beans. I use salt and Olive oil instead of lard.

  • Shaeda Bhagan

    Shaeda Bhagan

     1 months ago

    So, can I visit and vacation with my grandchildren on your farm??? ....I am done with Disney....they would enjoy this so much....I will pay for my experience....SPOILER ALERT....I may never want to leave.....just send the children back!!!!!

  • Kimberly Creates

    Kimberly Creates

     1 months ago

    Love your property! Beautiful nature! Love all the wildlife ❤️

  • Keeganzpapa


     1 months ago

    I live in Fredericksburg, VA and have a bad problem with vine borers and cucumber beetles and squash bugs. Is there anything that can be added to the soil to keep them from my Zucchini, watermelons and cantaloupe?

  • Larry Jacobs

    Larry Jacobs

     1 months ago

    Really enjoyed your video

  • Barbara Ettles

    Barbara Ettles

     1 months ago

    such happy pigs!

  • Dan O

    Dan O

     1 months ago

    Just curious if you all are at a place with your homestead yet where you have thought about offering classes or an internship on varying topics? Thanks for the great videos from a fellow Mo boy about 200 miles north of you on Hwy 5.

  • ดีเจแสนราชสีห์


     1 months ago

    Kevin and Sarah, I like your video.
    I'm in Thailand

  • choim dachoim

    choim dachoim

     1 months ago +1

    Every farm or ranch animal I've been around wants to be out and about just before sunup. Seems like you're letting them out way late. I like how that ground-cloth gives a clean surface to walk and sit on. I wouldn't be able to eat my pigs after being such good friends with them. Slaughtering hogs...once was enough for me, it's kinda mean. I got tired of killing chickens as a teen-ager, feeding a family of ten. Some realities of life are overwhelming. Looks like you're doing everything right and enjoying every bit of it.

  • Margaret Gangte

    Margaret Gangte

     1 months ago

    Are you going to eat them?

  • The Ontario Watermelon Garden

    The Ontario Watermelon Garden

     1 months ago

    Similar experience. I went to the fabric and BOOM!. I'm as excited about this as you are..

  • wytwabit


     1 months ago

    Hi, Neighbors! I'm on the AR side of the Ozarks. Raccoons were bad this year and took out my early garden. I'm re-thinking strategy, but electric fencing won't do; I'm in town. Happy for your good harvests. Best wishes!