Top 10 Most Dangerous Waterslides

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 21, 2019
  • Hey guys! Check out the TUBERIDES YouTube channel for some awesome waterslide videos!

    You might not think of 'danger' when you think of waterslides. In fact, you might assume that waterslides are safe. But the waterslides on this list will have you re-thinking your assumptions. Here are the Top ten most Ddangerous waterslides.

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  • peagents love

    peagents love

     4 hours ago

    10 year old boy died horrible

  • Kendall Harris

    Kendall Harris

     17 hours ago

    the cannon ball loop looks like something you would slide your hot weel car down not a human

  • CGIThomasFan 12345

    CGIThomasFan 12345

     18 hours ago +1

    “There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!”
    Me: boy that just says dangerous!

  • fragger Btw

    fragger Btw

     yesterday +1

    Boi I’ve bean to that slide in Brisy that’s no dangerous

  • Thanos



    3:35 The black hole is only dangerous because people can bash each other, THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT

  • Ruby Whyte

    Ruby Whyte


    ive been on the steamer its not scary at all

  • Eunae Kim

    Eunae Kim


    I am glad to see that the top two have been essentially wiped off the face of the earth!

  • Whiterzilla Dark

    Whiterzilla Dark


    The 7 one is not dangerous I did it

  • inder19in


     3 days ago +1

    So sad :(

  • Its Bru

    Its Bru

     4 days ago

    What is it with New Jersey and their crazy rides, we have King Da Ka which is the tallest rollercoaster in the world and 2 of the most dangerous water slides.

  • Spicy Nuggets

    Spicy Nuggets

     4 days ago

    love this Channel



     4 days ago


  • Art Hoffman

    Art Hoffman

     4 days ago

    Omg!I would be injured on the 1st water slide.Maybe even hospitalized if not dead ☹️😲Heather

  • Minxcat 256

    Minxcat 256

     4 days ago

    I’ve been on the leap of faith

  • Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69

    Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69

     5 days ago

    You think water slide is safe? think again

  • Lyle


     5 days ago

    There's no escape or safety door at 10:27 and that footage looks quite old in late 1900s but thats still messed up, imagine getting stuck on the bottom, the top is slightly better so you can send yourself down to the end, but the botton of it before the drop is bad..

  • Brodie Fortay

    Brodie Fortay

     5 days ago +1

    There’s a black hole in goal coast aswell you know

  • lilibeth calledo

    lilibeth calledo

     5 days ago


  • narendra sharma

    narendra sharma

     5 days ago


  • Raziya Sultana

    Raziya Sultana

     5 days ago +1

    I am so happy that I am on my bed right now hoo God