The DEADLY Physics of the Halo Rings! | The SCIENCE!... of Halo

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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  • Mr. Moo YT

     1 years ago

    Am I the only one who appreciates the music choices for Austin's videos?

  • Savage Grandma Walking Down the Road

     29 days ago

    Mr. Moo YT absolutely not

  • 莊天睿

     1 months ago


  • I likehotdog

     1 years ago

    90% austin loosing his sanity more and more9% da science 1% halo


     2 months ago

    Oh. So it’s one of those videos

  • Steven Kenndy

     4 months ago

    I hate it.


     9 days ago

    The title: physics don’t make sense in this game.Me: when did physics make sense in any games?

  • Kaptain K

     1 years ago

    I like this show, but if I'm going to be completely honest, I haveNOGODDAMNIdea what you're talking about, half the time.

  • Peregrine

     18 days ago

    Maybe not as much as half the time for me (not bragging, he just breaks it down really well), but in episodes like this, the physics are just so wantonly un-Earth-like and unintuitive that I just can't grasp any of the explanations. To quote another YouTuber: 'It's like if you were told that gravity pulls clockwise in this world. It's virtually impossible to visualize, even if you sort of grasp it intellectually' (paraphrased, can't recall the exact quote).

  • atomic _archer

     1 months ago

    Same but i like the math that i still dont understand half of it

  • Alia Dawn

     1 years ago

    Austin: ImpossibleBungie/343i: Forerunner tech.

  • Miku Hatsune

     8 months ago

    My mind got literally raped from all this stuff

  • Anthony Johnson

     9 months ago

    right lool

  • Yobbono Do

     2 days ago

    343’s computer: new email!343: “oh no, not this guy again”

  • Cpt. Black Dog

     1 years ago


  • Aperture Laboratories

     1 years ago

    Don't you mean centriplelelelldfk force?You don't know anything about centriufulbugel force.

  • PopVenus

     1 months ago

    Aperture Laboratories you do realize he might actually go insane now right

  • Greenie Head

     1 years ago

    So, um, this entire video is countered by a single paragraph in the 2nd Halo book "The Flood" page 14 "'Captain' Cortana said, 'the object is clearly artificial. There's a gravity field that controls the ring's spin and keeps the atmosphere inside'". Its probably safe to say that, if the forerunners could spin the ring and keep the atmosphere inside using a gravity field, they could probably manage to make stuff fall towards the surface of the ring. Further proven by a line a cou...

  • b2198

     2 months ago

    hey, nice pic

  • Patrick

     4 months ago

    Destruction 100

  • Lion O Cyborg

     11 months ago

    You think the halo rings are big, wait until you see their inspiration in Larry Niven's Ringworld books...