Swamp People: FULL EPISODE - Swamp Showdown (Season 2, Episode 16) | History

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
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    Hunters are in a hurry to fill their remaining tags before time runs out, as Troy and Junior head to run lines for the final time, the bayou is buzzing, in Season 2, Episode 16, "Swamp Showdown". #SwampPeople
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    "Swamp People" dives into the lives of Louisiana swampers during the most crucial time of their year: alligator hunting season.

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     2 months ago +4

    Want more History? Catch new episodes of American Pickers when the series returns Mon Oct 21 at 9/8c!

  • YUP !!!

    YUP !!!

     2 days ago

    JR and Willie catch giants🐊

  • YUP !!!

    YUP !!!

     2 days ago

    J paw flippin to them swamp people 🎄🎄🔥🔥🤯😏😴

  • warriors blood line

    warriors blood line

     2 days ago

    The people who watches this and don't understand why they kill them Lmao are the same kind of people who think if they could just take away legal gun owner's weapons no one would be killed anymore. Like people who want to kill don't use bats knife's steel pipes car's possion there hand's Rock's stick's explosives a rope blankets forks butter knife lol they would have to outlaw everything and it still wouldn't work.

  • Ronald Nadeau

    Ronald Nadeau

     2 days ago

    Hey ,, when aren't you guys gonna be hunting for Dem's as the Swamp gets drained before there all gone?

  • Harold Cale

    Harold Cale

     2 days ago +1

    this about real people making a living the best they can, God bless each and everyone of you !

  • Terry Sigmon

    Terry Sigmon

     6 days ago

    Troy says Choot him Choot him!!!

  • Jimmie Evans

    Jimmie Evans

     7 days ago +1

    Good luck Troy

  • Antonio Destefano

    Antonio Destefano

     7 days ago

    Do the hooks devolve if gator get away

  • Melissa Johnson

    Melissa Johnson

     21 days ago

  • Judith Singleton

    Judith Singleton

     28 days ago

    Sure do miss Liz!

  • Bob Saap

    Bob Saap

     a months ago +3

    Paul and Jay Paula always catch all of the baby gators while willie catches 12 footers on the treble hook by himself

  • browneet caramell

    browneet caramell

     a months ago

    We finished off strong...you know what um saying!!

  • Alexis Kinsey

    Alexis Kinsey

     a months ago

    i think that Jake Paul & R.J. get that very big Gator & it would awsome

  • Alexis Kinsey

    Alexis Kinsey

     a months ago

    I say that Troy & Jacob could get that very big Gator soon & i haven't seen Chase in a long time

  • Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores

     a months ago

    Dry off the bullets with a lighter nothing wrong with that 😂😂😂

  • JETSTEEL TheRealDeal

    JETSTEEL TheRealDeal

     a months ago +2

    Whoever's watching in 2000 just smash that like button below

  • Ervis Hyka

    Ervis Hyka

     a months ago +1

    Idk who has more facial hair,Troy or the lady that is with him?!

  • Tammy Huennerkopf

    Tammy Huennerkopf

     a months ago +3

    Put God first, you can't go wrong. Amen.

  • Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz

    Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz

     2 months ago +1

    Bullets got wet? Lol interesting