The Yesterworld Podcast #008 - Talkin' Controversial Theme Parks Changes & More with Rob Plays!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
  • Talking with Rob Plays about recent controversial theme park changes, the future of Disney Attractions, & more!

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  • TrollsandBFDIFanatic 2004

    TrollsandBFDIFanatic 2004

     4 months ago

    At least Winnie The Pooh lived up to Mr Toad

  • Tyler Rakstis

    Tyler Rakstis

     5 months ago

    9:37- 10:03, 50:10-55:36 Some Intriguing points I do agree with and some I do myself. 1:17:43- 1:31:24

  • Wastelands Nomad

    Wastelands Nomad

     6 months ago

    I think Star Wars Land should have been in Tomorrow Land in the Magic Kingdom Orlando version. That place has been practically dead since Stich died. All that's there is Space Mountain. Now with Star Wars Land there? I would have been buzzed about it.

    MGM makes me sad cause its lost its theme. I wish they had put Star Wars in Tomorrow land to preserve its original theme because when it's released, its gonna be garring. You walk in down a 50s street and at the end is star wars? MGM was about the movies and how they were made and Hollywood. Not fads like Marvel or Star Wars. Sure Indiana Jones is there but it was an attraction about special effects, not a land.

    Just makes me sad.

  • Mickey is my Spirit Animal

    Mickey is my Spirit Animal

     6 months ago +2

    Thank you Gentlemen! I have subscribed to your channel! I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion! It is like I am sitting back with awesome friends who love Disney and Universal like me! 🥰😎👌🏽👸🏽🧁🍿🎢🏰

  • Amanda Giles

    Amanda Giles

     8 months ago

    I am a former CM from the Great Movie Ride and I would love it if someone made a video history about it.

  • Louis Muhawij

    Louis Muhawij

     8 months ago

    The Mickey Mouse shorts' animation isn't my favorite but I really enjoy the shorts' comedic and subtly mature elements.

  • TheBitBlock


     9 months ago

    I think an important concept that is ignored in this discussion is that children / teens are not only interested in attractions based on things they already know about and like. Sometimes the ride itself can be what you really love. For example, when I was 7 I went on JAWS at Universal Studios Florida - before that I had never seen the films or known much about it. After being on the ride it sparked a HUGE love for the JAWS films, sharks, the ocean, and of course Amity Boat Tours (the ride).

    So it doesn't always make business sense to just throw out logos into the park that are currently popular with this generation because you're just riding a wave that will always crash as people constantly move to new popular things. Also Gringotts sucks and JAWS was way better. It is nothing more than a simulator ride, and we didn't need to lose one of the most iconic theme park attractions for just more Potter nonsense.

  • Matt S.

    Matt S.

     9 months ago +1

    Ughh... Rob applauding every change Disney makes. I'd bet on it that Guardians isn't going to be a huge thing 25 years from now...

  • Hillary Pritchard

    Hillary Pritchard

     9 months ago +1

    The new Mickey animation style just scares me. It looks disturbing.

  • Thoughts From The Batcave

    Thoughts From The Batcave

     10 months ago

    I wonder if they know Star Wars is at a all time low

  • HolmstromRules


     a years ago

    Regarding Soarin' 2.0 and CGI, with the exception of the Taj Mahal scene, the landscape footage is real but all animal and humans are CGI.  As for the Taj Mahal, total CGI is their only option as the air space over the monument is closed to aircraft.

  • ineeda dolewhip

    ineeda dolewhip

     a years ago

    Sorry to comment again but I feel like the only person that wasn't impressed with Flight of Passage (Avatar ride). It was good but I didn't get sucked in like everyone else reports. I do wear glasses however and I do have mobility issues so I found the seating style a little uncomfortable do I wonder if these aspects are to blame but I was disappointed after all the fuss everyone made.

  • ineeda dolewhip

    ineeda dolewhip

     a years ago +1

    I am glad to hear that someone else doesn't care for the animation style of the new Mickey Mouse shorts. I have tried to watch them and I just can't remove myself from the animation style, it's distracting and makes me feel uncomfortable (if that's the right word?).

  • Ignatius Klepto

    Ignatius Klepto

     a years ago +3

    The Great Movie Ride is one of my favorite rides. I love it. Its sad to me that Hollywood Studios is getting rid of all the actual behind the scenes and film attractions or exhibits. Art of Animation, the Walt Disney Musuem, Backlot Tour, the Theater now with the Great movie ride. There just isnt a whole lot that is there anymore.

    Im a film student and Hollywood Studios as a kid helped focus that for me. There is (or was) a statue and plaque near the entrance of the park dedicating "MGM Studios" to all the dreamers and filmmakers and creators out there. And to me its sad thag my favorite park is getting further away from that. Love Star Wars love Toy Story. Love Pixar love Muppets but can we please still have something for the film ppl?

  • Ignatius Klepto

    Ignatius Klepto

     a years ago

    You refer to "Kevin's Book" a couple times. What is this book? I would very much like to look into this

  • Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners

    Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners

     a years ago +2

    I honestly feel like Marvel, at least these first ten years of films, will be remembered for years to come. The films changed the landscape of modern filmmaking. The cinematic universe is something that everyone wants to try now, and it's something that so far only Marvel themselves seem to be able to pull off. With Avengers Infinity War Marvel has achieved a feat that no one has even attempted before. An unprecedented cinematic event built up to for a literal decade. If that isn't worth being remembered 30 years down the line, I don't know what is.

  • Margy Poorman

    Margy Poorman

     a years ago

    Well done gentlemen! Enjoyed the podcast!

  • Kayla Smith

    Kayla Smith

     a years ago +1

    Amazing podcast!! I’ve been binge watching all of your videos too! Keep up the amazing work! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • edvaira6891


     a years ago

    It doesn’t surprise me that both of you guys went to film school, since you guys both are very good editors and your videos are very well produced!

  • Mr Bill

    Mr Bill

     a years ago

    Love what you guys are saying about having a "real" Yesterworld or Yesterland! I have also been thinking of this for a LONG time. I always thought the perfect place for this would be to replace Stitch. I posted something a while back on another board on how I would like it to be done. I will copy it here as finally I hear someone else talking about the same thing. :) I have always wanted that "Yesterland" aspect to be put in the park. PLEASE take Stitch and turn the theater into a VR experience of old attractions. They could feature a new "coming attraction" poster every so often and change the ride to keep people coming back. Make everyone's chair have full mobility, have a great sound system pumping in the original audio, and of course the VR headset. You might not think it would be super realistic, but I saw a video of Adventure Thru Inner Space that was done entirely on a computer and it was so lifelike. It even had the ride vehicles safety bar in the video like you were really riding it. Put that together with the moving chair and audio it would be AMAZING! The possibilities are endless. They could even have special engagements from various Disney attractions around the world that many would never be able to visit. Anyways, love to hear your thoughts.