How I Make Viral Food Videos

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • Get the recipes: - the Tasty kitchenware collection here: us out on Facebook! - via Audio Network
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  • Lyla C

    Lyla C

     a years ago +9439

    I always knew I wanted to be surrounded by food
    Me: Someone understands me...

  • Nadira Puchi

    Nadira Puchi

     a years ago +4427

    Me during this video:
    5% hearing what she says
    95% being super satisfied with the food being made

  • jasmine


     10 months ago +1295

    "my siblings would watch cartoons and i would be watching food network" CAN'T RELATE MORE LOL

  • h i

    h i

     8 months ago +494

    I feel like she always haves the cutest clothes

  • Not Neo

    Not Neo

     a years ago +989

    Did she at least finish the degree? I could never think of spending all that money just to trash it two weeks before the damn paper comes... 😱

  • KAN5AS


     a years ago +2065

    I'm sorry but... She is so freaking cute and fun! Food network should hire her. Seems very marketable to me.

  • sarah gacha

    sarah gacha

     a years ago +1676

    Alix nailed the aligot!

  • 大好きMitsuha


     3 months ago +105

    Who Just Loves Alix!?
    Me 😁

  • J P

    J P

     a years ago +400

    How does someone just move to Sweden and find a willing employer in an industry one has never worked in?...... Interesting.

  • Rania Asif

    Rania Asif

     a years ago +214

    Alix is my fav tasty producer!

  • Alysa Kim

    Alysa Kim

     7 months ago +32

    Tasty showing off their producers is a great strategy. I've been binge watching their videos from 101 to Eating Your Feed. It seems that there is an interaction between the viewers and the producers and that's a great thing. Also, showing the scenes behind every production is a great strategy too because we get to realize that cooking is not easy than it appears to be (in their videos).

  • Destiny Pugh

    Destiny Pugh

     a years ago +222

    Her laugh is so cute. She is just like me. I would make my siblings mad by watching food network when they wanted to watch cartoons. Everyone knew i was going to be a chef. One day my computer teacher was going around guessing what everyone would be when they grew up. It was completely based on what he knew from the few months that he knew us. And he said i was goimg to be a chef. And guess who became a chef?

  • ingendukänner bye

    ingendukänner bye

     a years ago +173

    Alla som förstår detta gillar kommentaren hahaha

  • LittleBunnyLover _04

    LittleBunnyLover _04

     6 months ago +25

    6:13 I don’t Have to move to Sweden
    Cuz I already live in Sweden😂🇸🇪

  • Jareth Nolasco

    Jareth Nolasco


    We all know you got the skinned watermelon from mark rober

  • lööp4life


     7 months ago +7

    i dont have to move to sweden too make my dreams come true.
    i already live in sweden

  • Miss Bliss

    Miss Bliss

     a years ago +17

    My favourite videos are the behind tasty videos

  • Kitty Paw

    Kitty Paw

     14 days ago +2

    Alix:Do it right and-
    Guy:Ooh Yes!

  • Curiosity Culture

    Curiosity Culture

     a years ago +4287

    I also think tasty was the first channel to crush the overhead camera footage market!

  • Jakeyballoonbottom 67

    Jakeyballoonbottom 67

     4 months ago +7

    Does anyone actually make the food they show? Or is it just satisfying to everyone else too?