Horse Gave Man Consent with Wink? Armless Man Stabs Tourist? | This Week in Un-Current Events

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Plus, the Chinese boy who thought it might be fun to stick a USB cord in his penis.
    What was he thinking?! Alabama Boss weighs in on the weirdest and least important news of the week.
    Check this out!!!
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  • light564


     3 days ago

    I think EVERY male grabbed their dicks cringing the moment red said he stuffed a USB cord up his penis >_<

  • roger chaple

    roger chaple

     7 months ago

    Where did yall go? 8 months since last video is a long time.

  • Fufner Keywheel

    Fufner Keywheel

     8 months ago


  • Early Cuyler

    Early Cuyler

     8 months ago

    The guy with scissors technically wasn't armed.🤔

  • Freddygotfingered


     8 months ago

    No thanks I can't listen to this one

  • Scott Walker

    Scott Walker

     8 months ago

    When is boss coming back?

  • Andrew Beckman

    Andrew Beckman

     9 months ago +1

    I used to work at a horse breeding farm, i don't know how he didn't get killed, if a mare is not in heat she will buck and kick with 'both barrels' that kind of kick would crush a person's chest.

  • Chris and Vanessa Yates

    Chris and Vanessa Yates

     9 months ago

    Dam there is some pretty fuck up people holy hell

  • Eric Echols Sr.

    Eric Echols Sr.

     9 months ago +1

    Dude, you have me in stitches all the way up in Ohio...My Pops was from Tuskegee County (right outside the City) and if he was still alive, he would be sharing this experience (I'm kinda sure...But he was a Pentecostal Minister)....Anyway, keep 'em comin'

  • Andrew Morris

    Andrew Morris

     a years ago

    5:30 "Chicken, act like a turtle."

  • bob boring name

    bob boring name

     a years ago

    that poor horse

  • Robert Malone

    Robert Malone

     a years ago

    You need to wear tie with that shirt. an have a three some with the horse

  • Shelbel Beauty

    Shelbel Beauty

     a years ago

    Idk who else thinks it's adorable that whilst tripping his ass off that man biggest inclination was to save a puppy 😢 that's too cute.

  • MR.WILLIE 95

    MR.WILLIE 95

     a years ago

    There are a lot stupid people in this world 🗺

  • Andrew Powell

    Andrew Powell

     a years ago

    LSD Man gets a 💯% pass from me. In fact, I might go as far as to say, he is what we need more of in America. Shoot, he may even have the gumption for politics.

    You the boss, Boss.

  • Tom Cheese

    Tom Cheese

     a years ago

    #trippinpaws been there done that
    minus the bmw

  • Tom Cheese

    Tom Cheese

     a years ago


  • Middlebrooks farms fishing and more

    Middlebrooks farms fishing and more

     a years ago

    I'm in high school and me and a few buddies got in my truck and went to the river got in my boat only to see my math teacher drinking moonshine

  • Drew Samagaio

    Drew Samagaio

     a years ago

    Here I am in Florida ready to shove my charger in my dickhole and boss calls me out on it

  • Jerror45


     a years ago

    Armed assault ? 🤣🤣