Sunny Steps & the Volcano | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 23, 2019
  • The Squad has finally reached season 8! They explore the new map and run into Hybrid, the ninja who guards Sunny Steps and the Volcano! Kwebbelkop even stops by!

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    #Fortnite #Season8 #BattleRoyale

    Hybrid & the Sunny Steps | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)
    --------------- ----------------- -------------------- ---------------
    Animated by: Chris Durgin
    Tanner - Jonah Rashid
    Roach - Austin Cook
    Calamity - Marianna Daughtery
    Fishstick - Mitch Haerle
    Kwebbelkop - Himself
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  • Rocky Reacts

    Rocky Reacts

     4 days ago

    2:57 Woodsy the dog jumps into the volcano anyway

  • Trampoline King

    Trampoline King

     7 days ago

    He said we mean no harm. 5 sec later we dropped on this island to kill everyone on it

  • Elizabeth Celis

    Elizabeth Celis

     21 days ago

    3:11 BANANAA

  • Elizabeth Celis

    Elizabeth Celis

     21 days ago

    311 BANNAS

  • Peter Quill

    Peter Quill

     1 months ago

    When you see peely and you think you are going to kill peely but you realized they’re tryhards

  • TJ Dixon

    TJ Dixon

     1 months ago

    Make sure to like describe animation maybe you should a video with another met blowing up aunt Anna

  • Sondre Byberg

    Sondre Byberg

     1 months ago

    Did someone realise the banana in the water

  • Black Animal panther

    Black Animal panther

     1 months ago

    The video is funny because fish stick died bcoz he turned into a fish bone🤣😂 XD

  • Glenn Allado

    Glenn Allado

     2 months ago

    If kwebolkop watch this he will be shocked

  • Jesse Baptiste

    Jesse Baptiste

     2 months ago


  • Isabelle The doggo

    Isabelle The doggo

     2 months ago

    i never though bananas could be so freakin scary

  • TheWellKnownDead [GD]

    TheWellKnownDead [GD]

     2 months ago


  • Amie Schoenbaechler

    Amie Schoenbaechler

     2 months ago


  • aevhron Godzilla fans Macalood

    aevhron Godzilla fans Macalood

     2 months ago

    did i jusr aw kebbopkop

  • Daniel Huang

    Daniel Huang

     3 months ago +1

    Why would u kill a dog anyways

  • Penguin BTW

    Penguin BTW

     3 months ago +1

    Save woodsy 😥

  • Larry Willis

    Larry Willis

     3 months ago

    What is this angry Birds shit

  • Anh Khoa Lý

    Anh Khoa Lý

     3 months ago


  • Daniel Cardenas

    Daniel Cardenas

     3 months ago

    2:42 the hell is up with his head

  • Juan Maldonado

    Juan Maldonado

     3 months ago