Ice Road Truckers: Full Episode - Double Trouble (Season 11, Episode 9) | History

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
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    Lisa and Steph barely get by when they team up for safe passage on the icy terrain. Art hopes this will be his last load of the year. And Polar owner Mark gives Todd a job that might just be impossible in Season 11, Episode 9, "Double Trouble". #IRT
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    In "Ice Road Truckers," a tenacious group of long-haul truckers haul vital cargo to remote communities over some of the most dangerous routes in the world. For these truckers, life is a non-stop ride over thin ice.

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     6 days ago

    Stay up to date on all of HISTORY's latest premieres at

  • Celeo Guifarro

    Celeo Guifarro

     17 hours ago

    Art puts the machinery to the test.

  • Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson


    The biggest baby and complainer is Todd.

  • Gilbert falling sg

    Gilbert falling sg

     3 days ago

    When the ice road closes and the truck is on the other side where the delivery was made,how does yhe truck and driver get back?

  • Adriel El Niño

    Adriel El Niño

     3 days ago

    TODD needs and oscar

  • Antonio Campbell

    Antonio Campbell

     5 days ago

    20 minutes of this show is bleeped because of cuz words.

  • Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson

     6 days ago

    It's kind of b,s there sending guys on these wide loads with roads destroyed with no spotter vheical while he sits in his warm office.

  • kjs insaino

    kjs insaino

     7 days ago

    37:15 awkward "not quite" handshake...LOL!!!



     7 days ago

    lisa's truck has caught fire for the 2nd time in a year

  • Jon Han

    Jon Han

     7 days ago

    Arts hilarious!

  • The Greenlight District

    The Greenlight District

     7 days ago

    26:43 - Of course (:

  • Abdul Elhaj

    Abdul Elhaj

     14 days ago

    I’d love to see girl on girl action involving Steph and Lisa 😉

  • john- waxerone

    john- waxerone

     14 days ago

    I'll tell you what....I wouldn't even take this Todd Dewy on a camping trip more or less a combat mission! And as far as driveing, I would revoke his license and give him a job holding a slowdown or move forward sign standing on a highway!!!

  • clifford bell

    clifford bell

     14 days ago

    You want to watch real good Ice Road trucker at work, watch Lisa and Setph ......if you want to watch a good soap opera actor watch Todd; he's a super dramatical baby, lol

  • TheObsessivePainter !

    TheObsessivePainter !

     14 days ago

    Be thankful you have a job Art. All mark wanted you to do was bring a return load back with you.

  • TheObsessivePainter !

    TheObsessivePainter !

     14 days ago

    Wow...those aren't roads. They are paths through the woods! Todds patience sure got tested.

  • Donavan Koehn

    Donavan Koehn

     14 days ago +3

    Everything Todd does seems scripted and he not a good actor. Feel like he’s only on here for drama.

  • William Sevier

    William Sevier

     14 days ago

    Through watching many of these shows, I've noticed some trucks are chained up on the front drive axle, some on the rear. Is there an advantage of one or the other or just the front or rear is easier to chain up than the other?

  • Roblox World

    Roblox World

     14 days ago

    Steph is so tiny how can she see out the front?!?

  • Random Stuff In Oregon

    Random Stuff In Oregon

     21 days ago

    I feel like if that fuse situation happened to Todd he would've freaked out and it would've taken him an hour or two to fix the problem.