SPECIAL STAGE 2 - Hush (JOY + TZUYU + YeonWoo + Mijoo + Sowon + JIHO) [2018 KBS Song Festival]

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 28, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/UJmirzDr3n8


  • Nat.


     5 months ago +6272

    Joy is a natural at this genre. God.

  • Thuy Trang

    Thuy Trang

     2 months ago +2996

    They’re all visuals of their groups except for Joy but then Joy shines the most here. How come? 😂

  • Reiya 25 Jhozylle

    Reiya 25 Jhozylle

     2 months ago +1454

    They all slayed this performance but Joy, Tzuyu, and Sowon standed out!
    The title should be "The Tall Members Of K-Pop Girl Groups"

  • Irdy Gamers

    Irdy Gamers

     2 months ago +1949

    Sowon so Elegant,Tzuyu so Pretty,Joy so Sexy

  • 1401


     2 months ago +258

    Tzuyu ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Philip Wong

    Philip Wong

     4 months ago +4855

    Just joking but Joy is the only RV member they could invite because the rest of the short cuties in RV couldn't reach the bar during the dance without 8 inch heels...

  • Tae cup

    Tae cup

     3 months ago +637

    97% of the comments are about how great Joy is.
    2% of the comments are about how great they did.
    1% of the comments is this...

  • yrish jane Vallo

    yrish jane Vallo

     3 months ago +623

    Joy always dominate special stages tho she's rarely join collabs with other group. She fits both sexy and cute concept. Check out their special stage singing touch my body

  • Jerry Fuentes

    Jerry Fuentes

     3 months ago +467

    Damn you know that Sowon, Joy and Tzuyu was born for this kind of concept

  • Andrea Ante

    Andrea Ante

     2 months ago +230

    Tzuyu and Joy my gawwdd the visual queens Joy daebak! she's so good

  • kaory Misora

    kaory Misora

     2 months ago +457

    Tzuyu ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mary Joy Bio

    Mary Joy Bio

     1 months ago +137

    Our sexy dynamite Joy getting all the love she well-deserved. My heart is happy. ❤

  • qt hoonie

    qt hoonie

     1 months ago +148

    p/s: my bby jiho is so underrated beauty 😔

  • Andrew Taku

    Andrew Taku

     1 months ago +67

    Joy Owned the Stage & Comment Section ... 😎🤣

  • Michaela Bulalacao

    Michaela Bulalacao

     4 months ago +3326

    When Joy's stylist knows she would slay the performance anyway, so she didn't give her any accessories. Hahaha.

  • SayAJr


     2 months ago +134

    Joy and Tzuyu living up to Suzy's standards

  • Farah Aleya

    Farah Aleya

     3 months ago +78

    Seems like Tzuyu and Joy lead the group😂❤✨

  • Mia's World

    Mia's World

     2 months ago +117

    Tzuyu=2015 ( she did good )
    Tzuyu =2018 (i cant take my eyes off her no comment )

  • Meenam Rukbo

    Meenam Rukbo

     3 months ago +37

    I am a fan of Joy, Tzuyu and Yeonwoo! I like them the best in their respective groups. I can't choose between them and in here joy fits the genre more.😘

  • JustMaeyn


     3 months ago +2162

    Stylist: just give Joy some earrings, she's already shinning.