Parabolic adjustable death ray greenpowerscience 40 feet destruction

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 22, 2016
  • archimedes adjustable parabolic mirror death ray from greenpowerscience,
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     2 years ago +2

    Parabolic Mirrors:

  • B B

    B B

     6 months ago

    Nice one dude

  • Hiram Glass

    Hiram Glass

     7 months ago

    You should check out self adhesive mirror surface film on ebay. Even better than mylar!

  • Privacy Please

    Privacy Please

     7 months ago

    Will create enough steam for steam engine ?

  • Constructive Cuntery

    Constructive Cuntery

     9 months ago

    Super cool how you are not constrained buy modern words. Who needs a mirror when we could have a deathray....

  • Chong Chong

    Chong Chong

     11 months ago

    Yaa...! Convocation iLLuminati 13th full video 2012 MMU Malaysia oready been white wash fr all internet video hosting site which actually playing Scottish right music with yellow rope n carrying "Hugh giant Crystal 1 all seeing eye Pyramid\1 Dajjal Mata Jinn can ask the Uni why !!!??? N what wrong with it !

  • Cr33p


     11 months ago

    I can still hear the romans pissing themselves with ptsd

  • TRM Wyldshade

    TRM Wyldshade

     a years ago

    I want to melt snow out of my driveway. You think that's feasible?

  • Сказка


     a years ago

    Он не думает, что случайно поджег пару пролетающих самолетов в небе?

  • dogo dogo

    dogo dogo

     a years ago

    i would like to make probably using 4 pieces of 1.8 meter parabolic wire and layered them with polished aluminum, what do you think? can it melting steel with multi focus?

  • Dftrf Hgvjy

    Dftrf Hgvjy

     a years ago

    Please any body know how can I build concave mirror at hom??

  • Nocturnal RS

    Nocturnal RS

     a years ago


  • flop snail

    flop snail

     a years ago

    "we got water back here too, its pretty wet." 3:03

  • annoyed707


     a years ago

    Imagine what could be done with your Fresnel lenses feeding concentrated sunlight to your parabolic mirror. The fixed focused one, not the adjustable one. You would not want to be standing near where those beams meet.

  • Dane Hamilton

    Dane Hamilton

     a years ago

    You should try it at night, I bet the fire would show up better on camera

  • john Doe

    john Doe

     a years ago +3

    Yeah, impressive ! For those who don't know the archimedes system was up on a tower and purportedly used many guys in a semi circle around the tower holding polished shields to reflect sunlight sunlight on perhaps a mirror (or perhaps even a crystal ? ) on top of the tower to create a beam (laser?) of light that was aimed to cause the attackers ships to catch fire. Of course this could also have been a ruse to distract and blind the ships crews while a fire ship was sent into the midst of the attackers to cause fire that way? * The tower was very close to the shore; i wonder what distance was the beam of light to the ships? *Imagine 10 fire ships sent in from all sides all at same time.

  • rick dalton

    rick dalton

     a years ago

    Isn't this the same setup that Jim Carrey used to burn down the orphans mansion in a series of unfortunate events?

  • Darrell Grant

    Darrell Grant

     a years ago +4

    "We'll build a Death Star and the Rebels will pay for it. Make the Empire Great Again."

  • HowlingMoonCinemas


     a years ago +2

    What an amazing weapon.

  • Bill Rockmaker

    Bill Rockmaker

     a years ago

    A way to make an adjustable vacuum would be to create a hole in the side the size of a wine bottle opening and stick a rubber wine vacuum plug in it and then use a hand wine vacuum pump.