7 Vintage Gadgets Put to the Test - Part 5

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 21, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Tye8Q52xdfc


  • Brian Ervin

    Brian Ervin

     a years ago +1685

    Sorry, but Dennis tries WAY TOO hard on camera. Just chill dude. Relax...

  • Erno


     a years ago +299

    Am I the only one who kinda likes just having Taras doing the videos......just me?

  • Tabraiz Hayam

    Tabraiz Hayam

     a years ago +357

    he hasnt discovered the greatest gadget of all... a plate

  • Utkarsh Ranjan

    Utkarsh Ranjan

     a years ago +148

    Who noticed the same haircut?

  • DTM


     a years ago +205

    Nothin like watching grown men getting hard ons for cutting fruit...

  • ClassOf2020 Spriggs

    ClassOf2020 Spriggs

     a years ago +238

    "I learned from your mistakes" The shade....

  • Mich Tibaldo

    Mich Tibaldo

     a years ago +339

    Less denis (preferably no denis at all) more Taras.

  • Achillø


     a years ago +109

    Well that was awkard

  • Haπ


     a years ago +68

    I learn from your mistakes.

  • Steven Ross

    Steven Ross

     a years ago +37

    Taras forgot to zip his pants

  • Michel Fernald

    Michel Fernald

     a years ago +333

    They were low key fighting in this video 😂

  • Human Garbage

    Human Garbage

     a years ago +19

    I learn from your mistakes.

  • Mi1dBroly


     a years ago +79

    That isn't an orange, that's a yellow

  • Jacob Lavery

    Jacob Lavery

     a years ago +61

    Taras, your fly is undone lol

  • Hi Im Vayne

    Hi Im Vayne

     a years ago +2

    His jeans zip is open :')

  • Daishin Zlrex

    Daishin Zlrex

     a years ago +6

    Im so confuse. How the f*ck there two Taras in this video?

  • anna k

    anna k

     a years ago +22

    You know let's all focus on the real thing in this video the giant iguana at the beginning of the video Taras has

  • Pretzel G.

    Pretzel G.

     a years ago +17

    I thought he said JAW opener
    I was so confused

  • Jennifer Dawang

    Jennifer Dawang

     a years ago +14

    Just 2 bald friends havin fun

  • Jax Nean

    Jax Nean

     a years ago +699

    The best thing about vintage is the absence of plastic