How Super Paper Mario TRIGGERS You!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • How Paper Mario TRIGGERS You! ►
    How Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door TRIGGERS You! ►

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    Video Edited by: @TotallyNotJon_


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  • Logan Luigi #1

    Logan Luigi #1


    You dont need to get in that wheel once you get enough there is a room with a lot of rubies

  • What the What Gaming

    What the What Gaming


    Best paper mario was my childhood but ima watch the vid and not get mad

  • Gunduct


     3 days ago

    Super Paper Mario is the best Paper Mario, fite me.

  • TheEmptySoul


     4 days ago

    You’re opinion is wrong. I actually won a debate using that.

  • Getsumchopp


     5 days ago

    People are going to hate me for this list
    5:Paper Mario sticker star
    4:Paper Mario Color splash
    3:Paper Mario
    2:Paper Mario the thousand year door
    1:Super Paper Mario

  • Light's Gaming

    Light's Gaming

     6 days ago

    I do enjoy this, and it's unmistakably a Nathaniel bandy triggered video, but it makes me sad that he's bashing my favourite game of all time. I have so many memories of this game! 😢

  • Raine


     7 days ago

    i actually liked it when super paper mario ditched the RPG battles, theyre just so slow and boring, i mean RPG battles could work if you only did one every 10 minutes or so, but not 20 times every 5 minutes

  • Jesse Cohen

    Jesse Cohen

     7 days ago

    gravity exists in space...are you an idiot???

  • Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez

    Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez

     7 days ago +1

    Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Paper Mario Color Splash. I love these games



     7 days ago

    3:37 69 or 6ix9ine
    Scccuuuuuuummmm gaaaaaannngggg!

  • kø løves sans

    kø løves sans

     7 days ago

    Why isnt m.L a costume for luigi in smash yet we need it in the next smash game

  • SuperWilliam64


     14 days ago

    One of my all time favorite games!

  • Ben


     14 days ago

    I actually like this game honestly

  • FireNinja Gaming

    FireNinja Gaming

     14 days ago

    I like this game and was trying to complete it, but im stuck in 8-3!

  • Wesley Swensen

    Wesley Swensen

     14 days ago

    What would you say about Chapter 4-2?

  • raymond glover

    raymond glover

     14 days ago

    0:52 If it’s a girl, it might be ponytails instead of hands. That’s the most triggered thing of them all, considering Mario always jumps from a wall! (Please credit my “Dr. Seuss Rhyme”. 😎🤟)

  • Darthpaper 207

    Darthpaper 207

     14 days ago


  • Glenda


     14 days ago

    I can't even pass the first world

  • James 205

    James 205

     14 days ago

    0:48 seriously Nathaniel if you were a true Nintendo fan you would know Mario and Luigi's last name is Mario!

  • Not A Rant😐

    Not A Rant😐

     14 days ago

    I can't even get mad at the triggers because that could be an additional trigger😑