Seized 1960s Chainsaw Restoration

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • I picked this chainsaw up locally and found it to be in terrible condition. It is a 1960's Canadien 270 chainsaw, 95cc. I took it on as a challenge project. Honestly, when I got it, it was a piece of junk. It was totally seized, parts missing and in very poor condition due to being left out in the weather and elements. Tough to find parts as pretty much nothing is made anymore.

    I hope you enjoy the process I went through! It sure was a challenge!
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  • Mike Sword

    Mike Sword


    Wow nice job👍👍👍

  • markucije



    Great!! Excellent job!

  • 240SSONLY



    Light Weight Racing Piston @27:47

  • Aquias Valasco

    Aquias Valasco

     4 days ago

    Beautiful job. It's brand new!

  • Herbybandit


     7 days ago

    Saw you sharpen the chisels on the chain, did you lower the rakers too? It should cut much better than that.

  • Matt Tucker

    Matt Tucker

     7 days ago

    You buy a nice press but don't have a decent seal driver? Back yard hackery.

  • zenbear


     7 days ago +1

    The most insane restoration video I’ve ever seen.

  • А. Киндиков

    А. Киндиков

     7 days ago


  • Giusmez


     7 days ago

    Bravissimo !

  • Tommy Friedrich

    Tommy Friedrich

     7 days ago

    A beauty!
    And thanks for not playing background music!



     7 days ago

    Круто, я тоже такой хочу

  • NUG'Z chanel

    NUG'Z chanel

     14 days ago

    What the packing whit acrilic not melting ?

  • Acid741981


     14 days ago

    What an awesome piece you made there... Great work! Very inspiring

  • Tommy Hill

    Tommy Hill

     21 days ago +9

    Please come back Will... we are scared and lonely and in need of restorations.

  • Султан Нарынбаев

    Султан Нарынбаев

     21 days ago




     21 days ago +3

    The pure joy you could feel in him when it almost started first pull lol awesome

  • Tony Mullins

    Tony Mullins

     28 days ago

    Good looking saw

  • Opinionated


     a months ago

    Great job . Thanks for making this video. I learned some tricks.

  • troy Weatherford

    troy Weatherford

     a months ago

    Awesome 👍 job 🙌

  • Larry Bracy

    Larry Bracy

     a months ago

    Great video, but please get some chemical gloves. It will take a toll on you later in life if you don't. Again great stuff.