I Eat Scorpions For Breakfast To Become Poisonous

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Most people eat toast or cereal for breakfast, but I’m not most people. I eat scorpions for breakfast. I know that probably sounds disgusting to you, but they’re actually pretty delicious, especially if you fry them. Anyway, this isn’t a story about how scorpions taste. This is a story about why I decided to eat scorpions in the first place. see, my brother had an accident. He was helping my dad fix the roof on our house, but then he fell. He hit his head really badly and the doctors thought he would die. But he survived. And to be honest I wasn’t sure that was a very good thing...He his head so on the ground, that he’s now completely brain damaged. It’s for me to say this, but I don’t feel safe around him. Right after it happened and he got discharged from the hospital, our parents went out to buy some groceries. They left me home alone with him, and I was listening to music in my room. Suddenly I felt something sharp on my ankle, and when I looked down, my brother was biting me!! He bit so hard, he actually drew blood. I screamed but he wouldn’t let go. I eventually had to swing by leg back and forth so that he’d stop. It was like he’d become a wild animal. I told my parents about it as soon as they got home, and they shouted at me!! They told me I was supposed to look after him and that it’s not his fault, that it’ll take time for him to go back to normal. Well, time passed, and things just got worse. I eventually installed a lock on my bedroom door because I’d woken up so many times to find him wandering into my room. It freaked me out so much!! It was so bad that my friends stopped coming over to hang out. They said my brother was terrifying. If only they knew… I’d lie in bed at night listening to him screaming and laughing and banging his fists on my wall. If I hadn’t been so afraid, I’d have felt sorry for him. But then I’d look down at my ankle and see the scar from the bite, and I realised I had to do something to protect myself. I suggested they move him to a facility for people with brain damage, and my dad said that if I didn’t up, he’d put me in a facility. Fine then. I’d only look out for myself then. If he hurt them too, then it was their fault! One day I was ‘babysitting’ him and he kept glaring at me. His eyes were rolling around and he looked like he wanted to kill me. This had to end. I tried to distract myself by watching TV and that’s when a nature documentary caught my attention. It was about scorpions, specifically bark scorpions- the most poisonous in the whole of the US. Their sting can lead to numbness and vomiting for up to 72 hours. I don’t know why, but after watching the show, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What would it be like to be that poisonous? In that moment, I almost envied those scorpions. No-one could hurt them!! I started researching, and the next day I went out to try and find one. I’d never seen one in real life before, but I knew exactly where I could find them. The show said they liked citrus trees...and right down the road there was a citrus farm. I went there after school and asked the man who owned the farm if I could take a walk around. He seemed suspicious and asked me if I was planning on stealing his fruit? I said no, I just want to find some scorpions actually. He looked shocked!! Then he asked me to follow him. He led me to the back of a big shed and pointed towards a tank. Inside were of scorpions! I couldn’t believe it. I ran over and stuck my nose up against the glass. They looked so cool! “Can I buy some?” I asked him. “Buy?! Ha!! can have them for free. Saves me killing them later. Poisonous nasty things that they are!” he said. That day was my lucky day. He put them into a shoe box for me and told me to be really careful because if they stung me
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Tnox9auQ8SM


  • Maryam Cute avakin world

    Maryam Cute avakin world

     2 hours ago

    Is this real

  • Georgiana Buckett

    Georgiana Buckett

     2 hours ago

    Her parents suck

  • Hadi Jamot

    Hadi Jamot

     2 hours ago

    The only reason I don't want a sister

  • XxHarryPotterChamberOfSecretsxX


     3 hours ago

    Her: I ate scorpion's
    Scorpios: tf

  • Strawberrizz


     4 hours ago

    so is she teaching us how to eat scorpions

  • B_LUE


     5 hours ago

    Why does the person to the left look like GioFilms?

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Ivan Rodriguez

     7 hours ago

    She would probably die from the scorpions

  • Mythical Dragon

    Mythical Dragon

     8 hours ago


  • Bruno Lawrence

    Bruno Lawrence

     8 hours ago +1


  • M00n Sug4r

    M00n Sug4r

     9 hours ago

    You wouldn't be put in a psych ward for eating scorpions.
    You would have to do something completely insane like putting scorpions in someone's locker.

    JJBA part 3 spoilers:

    0:14 Joeseph Joestar waking up after having Dio's blood transplanted into him

  • casey cox

    casey cox

     9 hours ago

    I don't normally do this but that was quite a story I've heard that in different countries scorpion is a delicacy but eating them raw that's strange. I've never tasted one so I wont judge.
    when your parents found out I thought putting you in a psychiatrics ward was way to far how could they honestly if I met you in real life I would be your best friend even though I'm only 13 I can seriously hurt someone for messing with you.
    anyways that's all I have to say and thanks for telling your story

  • Ishan Jaideep

    Ishan Jaideep

     9 hours ago

    I understand that her Brother hurt her, but he’s Brain Damaged and Insane, insane people do weird/aggressive things.

  • Potato Skin

    Potato Skin

     10 hours ago


  • The Luxurious Gold Cat

    The Luxurious Gold Cat

     10 hours ago

    Problem:brother is mental and is evil for no reason
    Parents shout at sister for no f**king reason
    Sister eats scorpions to protect herself from her brother which should still be in hospital!
    Parents:your a disgrace so I am able to put you in jail for eating scorpions while your mental brother stays with us

  • Sofia Nunez

    Sofia Nunez

     11 hours ago

    That's kinda a sad story

  • Shmangos


     11 hours ago

    You do know that some of the things that your parents did is illegal right?

  • Three Hours From Home Merryn & Marcus

    Three Hours From Home Merryn & Marcus

     12 hours ago

    But your nice

  • Three Hours From Home Merryn & Marcus

    Three Hours From Home Merryn & Marcus

     12 hours ago

    I hate your brother

  • the NOTE

    the NOTE

     12 hours ago


  • Jace Rich

    Jace Rich

     12 hours ago

    Is this supposed to be real🤔