MUST TRY Singapore NOODLES! TRADITIONAL Noodle Tour of Singapore

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 26, 2019
  • Last day in Singapore and I wanted to try some of the best noodle places in this country. I started off with some pork noodles at Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok - the Art of Mee Pok which really started my day off right with some deliciously porky noodles and amazing broth. Then it's over to Noodle Story for some sauce think noodles. I wanted some Chinese inspired noodles as well, which was why I stopped at Lan Xiang Ban Mian for a bowl of hand made noodled and finished the noodle day with some laksa!#singapore #noodles #food #travel #asiaLocations:✧ Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok - the Art of Mee Pok306, 308 Bedok RoadSimpang BedokSingapore 469469✧ Noodle Story:Amoy Street Food Centre 7 Maxwell Road Stall #01-39, Singapore 069111✧ Lan Xiang Ban MienBukit Merah Central Food Centre, Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central, #02-37, 150163, (Bukit Merah)✧ 328 Katong LaksaMultiple Locations✧ Non Entree Desserts Cafe204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, Singapore 218451***MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram***✩➔ Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!✸ Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:➣ Subscribe for MORE videos about food!➣ Subscribe to my Vlog Channel!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: Instagram:◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: LUMIX G85: Angle Lens: Mic: Lights: Audio Recorder: Favorite Cookware!wok/pan this pan pan pot✉ Send stuff to our P.O. Box!Mike Chen P.O. Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940-------------------------------------♫ Music by: Epidemic Sound
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  • chanm01

     1 months ago

    This man just casually eats 3 bowls of noodles and some dumplings for breakfast. 😮

  • Fahim Khan

     1 months ago

    and then looked up the next noodle place right after so he could beat the lunch rush :o

  • Alvin Richard

     1 months ago

    that moment at 11:26 when the dude in the bottom right realizes it's Mike XD.... so much love for your work!

  • Dude Trust Me

     1 months ago

    I think he thought it was Jackie Chan

  • yazar yozar

     1 months ago

    Eagle eye

  • MrLister Resistor

     1 months ago

    Mike: this is going to be my last video...Me: (heart stops)Mike: in Singapore Me: phew

  • bug productions

     1 months ago

    If eating was an Olympic sport, you sir would be a gold medalist.

  • loopybrogaming 1

     1 months ago

    naa he'd be silver Matt stonie would be gold

  • Cloud 72

     1 months ago

    11:26 someone recognizes Mikey."Look it's mikey!" Notification squad.

  • Jus2: Mia

     1 months ago

    i saw that LOL ! he was so excited !

  • Sean

     1 months ago

    The auntie gave you a generous servings of anchovies in the ban mien. Generally ban mien these days only give you a few pieces. 😁

  • 朱光元 Icbeoaneistari

     a months ago

    Can't skip that Ikan Bilis

  • Mazzy Kat

     1 months ago

    I had this as background noise and at 11:13 i swear he said Little Titties so i had to back up and see what it was Oh mike you crack me up. XD

  • Picachki

     8 days ago

    The same thing happened for me! Lol! 😂

  • Shakeel

     1 months ago

    Mike is a NOODLE ADDICT...imagine Mike being in a ally way in 2 in the morning for high quality noodles as he relapses😂😂

  • Naa Kai

     1 months ago


  • Carla King

     1 months ago

    You always make me want to jump on the first plane to Asia and explore my favorite 3, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan! My health won't allow me to fly that far so thank you for letting me live vicariously through you! You are the best, Mikey!

  • Secret Diary of a Foodie

     13 days ago

    For me it's both (health & wallet), but I'm still going to try

  • Lakatac :D

     1 months ago

    For me it's my wallet that won't allow me :D

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni

     29 days ago

    11:12 🤨🤔 So am i the only who heard lil titties 😂🤣😂 The captions don't lie I'm glad the captions are on my side