The 5 Best Deaths Of The Joker

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 6, 2017
  • The Joker is an immortal character that will live in movies, tv shows, comics and video games forever. But he has died on the screen before and this is the list of his 5 best death scene.

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  • Shikai -Kazu

    Shikai -Kazu

     4 hours ago

    *ArE yOu OuT oF yOuR mInD?!*

  • Zax Zumu

    Zax Zumu

     6 hours ago

    I never saw that version of the return of joker death. I saw the version where he slips and electrocutes himself.

  • George Havenhand

    George Havenhand

     12 hours ago

    I remember that death from Batman Beyond hitting me hard as a kid

  • BaseBallGamer360


     12 hours ago

    Hey at least he died a happy man each time

  • PixelDustGaming 457

    PixelDustGaming 457

     13 hours ago

    wtf is cannon

  • Unicorns cats and dogs

    Unicorns cats and dogs

     13 hours ago +1

    I think Harley Quinn should just Stab him to death when maybe in another movie he gets her in jail or cheats on her

  • Les


     15 hours ago

    Good picks. I've always liked Joker's death in "Batman"(1989) Where Batman used a cable firing device to tie Joker's leg to a stone gargoyle as he was escaping on a helicopter rope at the top of Gotham Cathedral. Joker is helpless to prevent gravity from making him lose his grip and plummet to his demise where he gets the last laugh using a novelty store "laugher." Jack Nicholson really sells the moment and Danny Elfman's score is perfect.

  • Chris Hammond

    Chris Hammond

     16 hours ago

    Forget what issue, but Batman does kill Joker by breaking his neck in one comic, because he did something extremely dangerous to Superman (also forgot what he did). He even turns himself in right after he does it, and Superman breaks into the prison to free him. Batman refuses to leave though because of his moral code even though Superman says he’d keep anyone from trying to arrest him.

  • Crazy Panda

    Crazy Panda

     18 hours ago

    It is a theme in a lot of these superhero movies that I just can't get behind.

    There are times when killing is necessary to protect the innocent. One can absolutely do this without becoming a villain.

    If I were Batman, it would be much easier for me to live with the fact that I killed the Joker than it would be for me to live with the fact that I could have stopped him from killing more people, but didn't.

  • Daniel T.

    Daniel T.

     18 hours ago +1

    NeedleMouseProductions: Jokes is the only villain who does not have superpowers...

    Me: Well, he has the power to come back 🙃

  • ishan bhudev

    ishan bhudev

     19 hours ago

    Batman loves joker🤣

  • Luca377Bazooka_


     19 hours ago

    When someone dies they never come back


  • Ghost Slayer

    Ghost Slayer

     21 hours ago

    Joker: needs cure to live
    Batman: Is holding cure in hand
    Joker: Stabs Batmans arm holding the cure
    Batman: Drops cure
    Joker: Suprised Pikachu face

  • Ty Calvert

    Ty Calvert

     23 hours ago

    Sooooooo if Mask of the Phantasm is part of the DCAU and Batman Beyond is part of the DCAU why are their two Joker deaths? I don't think Mask of the Phantasm is meant to be included in this continuity since it was a theatrical release and it undermines the stories being told on BTAS at the same time(1993 theatrical release)

  • NoiZy



    9:42 fatman

  • FiercePanda



    8:08 actually in Arkham knight he admits that he wasn't going to give joker the cure, he just said that so the joker would have an unsatisfying death

  • iCrackzy


     yesterday +1

    Love the Vid man

  • Emilio Sánchez Rdz

    Emilio Sánchez Rdz


    Ironman be like: dead ass

  • xXx_n00b_slayer_xXx



    Joker: nukes and kills 5 mil ppl

    Superman: *TRIGGERED*



  • Thebes17



    That tim drake scene was just brutAL! Omg the mind fuck.