Cambodia - Attack on Hun Sen's residence

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 21, 2015
  • T/I: 10:08:15

    The residence of Cambodian strongman and second prime minister Hun Sen was hit on Monday (070/9) by a drive-by grenade attack. Security officials said Hun Sen was not in his home at the time and there were no injuries from the three grenades -- two of which exploded -- thrown into the city centre residence which is rarely occupied. Hun Sen held a press conference at the site shortly afterwards.


    PAN street to people outside Prime Minister's Hun Sen's residence,
    MS numbered markers showing where grenades landed,
    VS security and press outside residence,
    CU marker on ground;
    VS damage to house,
    CU broken window,
    WS broken glass on verandah,
    VS damage;
    MS helicopter carrying Hun Sen arriving and landing,
    CA press outside,
    Hun Sen exiting helicopter,
    MS house;
    SOT Hun Sen addressing news conference, (in Khmer with simultaneous English translation) saying: "I have been giving orders that force will not be used to cancel the demonstration....So therefore the solution could be as follows...the leaders of the illegal demonstrations could not be allowed to leave for foreign countries before the completion of the investigation."
    WS demonstration,
    VS demonstration;


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  • Stephen Christensen

    Stephen Christensen

     a months ago

    Time , well over due for a sanctioned assassination on this mongrel.

  • Mern Sky

    Mern Sky

     2 months ago

    បងប្អូនគិតមើលថាសម័យប៉ុលពតមានបក្សណាចេញមុខជួយពេលនោះទេ តើខ្មែរសម័យវេទនាយ៉ាងណា

  • UN PRS

    UN PRS

     2 months ago

    Baby leader

  • Phong Nguyen

    Phong Nguyen

     2 months ago +2


  • Mony Pen

    Mony Pen

     3 months ago


  • Jedi solo

    Jedi solo

     4 months ago +2

    Cambodia suffered from Khmer rouge backed by Chinese and now Hun Sen backed by China. China has lot of blood in its hand.

  • Mony Pen

    Mony Pen

     5 months ago +6

    ស្តាប់សំដីអាយ៉ងទៅឃើញថា និយាយតាមចៅហ្វាយយួនតែរហូតហ្នឹង មិនមែននិយាយសំរាប់ឧត្តមគតិជាតិដោយខ្លួនឯងនោះទេ មែនដែរឫទេ?

  • edgar95035


     6 months ago +3

    he took a page from Marcos' Book on how to stay in power, the attackers here are probably his own guards dressed as civilians...this was staged folks

  • Education & Entertainment

    Education & Entertainment

     7 months ago


  • Uf Tt

    Uf Tt

     7 months ago +2


  • Kevin Men

    Kevin Men

     8 months ago +3


  • Soeun Ang

    Soeun Ang

     10 months ago

    Bull shit

  • Luân Champa๛

    Luân Champa๛

     11 months ago

    Fuck u ....DOG hun sen

  • City of RED

    City of RED

     a years ago

    i hope some one kill that FUCKER soon

  • Chab Oldman

    Chab Oldman

     a years ago +1


  • Yvon Moua Moua

    Yvon Moua Moua

     a years ago +1

    Polpot's brother is Husein?

  • ដារ៉ា ហៅហ៊ា

    ដារ៉ា ហៅហ៊ា

     a years ago +1


  • heath ongq

    heath ongq

     a years ago +7

    This monster won't die.

  • Greene Bertrand

    Greene Bertrand

     a years ago +10

    They'll get him someday.

  • dirac bracket

    dirac bracket

     a years ago +10

    Why didn't they execute this khmer rouge monster?