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  • Published on:  Monday, January 28, 2019
  • Wait for the Debut Ver. :)Dalla Dalla MV👇 Streaming !❤😘
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  • K Female

    K Female

     6 months ago +52

    Debut Ver. :
    Sorry for 360p 🙏

  • User


     6 months ago +1467

    Yeji has YG vibe

  • Yves Apples

    Yves Apples

     6 months ago +2094

    Chaeryoung is definitely 1st in dance. The clips you showed were from when she was like 14 and if she's improved as much as her sister did then she'll definitely be 1st
    Edit: Y'all calm down my bias is literally Yeji I was just saying I think she'd be main dancer

  • Luxiree


     6 months ago +590


  • Lina


     6 months ago +1157

    Chaeryong was already better than Yeji at dancing when she was 14, imagine how much better she is now.

  • QueenLizole


     6 months ago +955

    Its not really fair for chaeryeong since we haven’t really seen anything from her since her sixteen days

  • Jungkook's wife

    Jungkook's wife

     6 months ago +838

    Chaeryeong looks a lot like her sister Chaeyeon from Izone, trained together and went to sixteen, so I'm sure Chaeryeon is as talented as her sister. I think it's the best dance in Itzy, but it's okay.

  • ChunYanRachel Ngai

    ChunYanRachel Ngai

     6 months ago +828

    Am I the only one who thinks lia is really beautiful ?🤔

  • Saint ruby

    Saint ruby

     6 months ago +829

    My bias is Yeji but i disagree, Chaeryeong is the best dancer

  • ihonestlycouldnthave thoughtofaname

    ihonestlycouldnthave thoughtofaname

     6 months ago +510

    Ryujin is confirmed the next female full package all rounder of the 4th generation of kpop.

  • Love Bangtan

    Love Bangtan

     6 months ago +417

    Who is your bias? Mine is Yeji

  • bbh’s puta

    bbh’s puta

     6 months ago +413

    this group have a whole bunch of top tier dancers even judging from their predebut work. just imagine how unstoppable this group would be as they go further into their careers. im definitely rooting for each and everyone of them !!!!!

  • 루아


     6 months ago +439

    My bias list:
    1. Ryujin
    2. Lia
    3. Chaeryeong
    4. Yeji
    5. Yuna

  • omo- ppoong

    omo- ppoong

     6 months ago +92

    Ryujin has such a deep voice omg 🥰

  • Lucas Perroni

    Lucas Perroni

     6 months ago +143

    As far as I remember, Chaeryeong was vocally better than her sister back in kpopstar and sixteen days. COnsidering she's been training all these years, I guess she's pretty solid. Since her sister became an incredible vocalist as well. Plus, Chaeryeong's dancing skills are probably enhaced as well.

  • Saint ruby

    Saint ruby

     6 months ago +505

    Visual ranking (my opinion)
    1. Yeji
    2. Ryujin
    3. Lia
    4. Yuna
    5. Chaeryeong

  • Jungkookie’s Timberlands

    Jungkookie’s Timberlands

     6 months ago +64

    my bias is ryujin. She definitely has that confident bad ass vibe. Yeji is my bias wrecker x

  • Mariana


     6 months ago +339

    If Ryujin can write her own lyrics, I think she'll be one of the best female rappers of this generation along with Soyeon, Jennie, LE, etc

  • Anthony Azuike

    Anthony Azuike

     6 months ago +182

    I honestly think Yeji and Chaeryoung are the same level when it comes to rapping. I wish u shows Chae’s clip in SIXTEEN when she did the two to do it again honestly I think she killed it and Yeji’s clip was mainly sing song rap. I honestly think they’ll have Chae rap with Ryunjin bc I think they introduced this two as rappers but I may be wrong

  • Eni Hrahsel

    Eni Hrahsel

     6 months ago +58

    Yeji is already too much to handle before even debuting 😅😅