Life in an Off -Grid Cabin

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 11, 2019
  • For most of the last 20 years Ive lived in cabins in Alaska. Today I turned on my camera to share the day with you.
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  • noor malik

    noor malik

     48 minutes ago

    I loved when you offered prayers before breakfast!!!

  • Michael Sorrells

    Michael Sorrells

     an hour ago

    You are envied sir.

  • jack kridler

    jack kridler

     4 hours ago

    i have a 1000 things to ask you like how far away from a town are you? how do you make money to buy the stuff you can't make or are not growing.these are the things i would ask of myself.

  • jack kridler

    jack kridler

     5 hours ago

    say how many cord's of wood do you go through from year to year? Is it more then 10 cord?

  • Gene Caruso

    Gene Caruso

     12 hours ago

    Have you put the porch on the back yet

  • Walter Rich

    Walter Rich

     12 hours ago

    Wow I'm sorry I wasted my time

  • Walter Rich

    Walter Rich

     12 hours ago

    Hell's Fire Sun I'm kind of wondering why you let the fire go out mr. Cabin liver every morning you build the fire oh wow the fire should have never went out it should be a few Kohl's left in the morning the experiment round each other piece of wood on top you have fire again Cab in LeVar my ass

  • Joe


     12 hours ago

    All that for a warm fire and a cup of tea. That's how it was for thousands of years. Even then, minus the tea bag, gas stove, pre-cut bacon, etc. Really puts human progress into perspective.

  • Michele BUSHNIK

    Michele BUSHNIK

     13 hours ago

    What a gorgeous life❤

  • Alice Butch

    Alice Butch

     14 hours ago

    So, I am to believe that a man lived in cabins for the past 20 years is knowledgeable to turn on his cameras with the advancement and all the changes that have come over the tube to be able to post and have over 2 million views not to gain wealth, so he can live in his home he acquired some how; comfortably taking away from the fact that there are people who do this with out electricity and internet service day to day. Maybe he should say I like to play on emotions and manipulate the people who live in concrete surroundings.

  • Gary Miller

    Gary Miller

     15 hours ago

    Love the way you chop wood.

  • Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas

     16 hours ago

    Wish I was there eating breakfast with you, looked very good. Very peas full. Have a good day



     17 hours ago

    How far do you got to go to buy supplies like your eggs and bacon

  • Tom MacKay

    Tom MacKay

     18 hours ago

    Looks like fun to me.

  • Drake guth

    Drake guth

     yesterday +1

    Did he just put salt in his tea?? 3:01

  • Brian Wofford

    Brian Wofford


    Good video, I started my day with this video. Thanks!

  • Andre Andre

    Andre Andre


    You are really blessed man..

  • one and two

    one and two


    I like this guy philosophy

  • zepe r

    zepe r


    Please upload another video two thumbs up

  • oldreliable303 Justin Scott

    oldreliable303 Justin Scott

     yesterday +1

    Salt in your tea, i need to try this. Thanks for the ideal