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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 30, 2017
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  • Lyric Anderton

    Lyric Anderton

     4 months ago +1100

    Is anybody whatching in 2019

  • Ricardo Salamanca Salamanca

    Ricardo Salamanca Salamanca

     6 hours ago +4

    U know why im not happy when someone hits the golden buzzer
    'Coz i feel bad for the janitor

  • Senaida Poulsen

    Senaida Poulsen

     6 days ago +8

    That is
    My dear judges
    Black magic
    Be aware

  • chuks


     15 hours ago

    no 3 is a genuis who does real majic with short sleeve tshirts



     7 days ago +9

    Best moments and beautiful talent.👍👌👌

  • ADD Aydan

    ADD Aydan

     2 years ago +1411

    @14:32 watch him switch his shirt by flipping the top to the bottom. I caught you
    Also ahoy if you find me in the mighty sea of comments!

  • 소다라떼


     5 hours ago

    All those magic whatever that is I don't care!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Crypto Vulture

    Crypto Vulture

     2 months ago +313

    wish my wife could get ready that quickly

  • Simarpreet Kaur

    Simarpreet Kaur

     5 days ago +4

    Mel B has a different hairstyle each time, while Howie goes for the simple and same each time! 😆

  • MrSongoGT MrSongoGT

    MrSongoGT MrSongoGT

     2 months ago +700

    is anybody watching in 2019
    like if you do✌🏻😄

  • Schwarzer regen

    Schwarzer regen

     a years ago +3392

    I wish my girl could dress fast like on the first video

  • Isak Shaanika

    Isak Shaanika

     28 days ago +103

    I think the judges are working together with this magicians just to entertain the audience.

  • Rbw Alex

    Rbw Alex

     6 days ago +4

    эээ...звоните в министерство магии, передайте что колдуют вне хогвартса!

  • Kiing sucks off popi

    Kiing sucks off popi

     1 months ago +12

    bs wheres matt franco and shin lim ?

  • Kisan Media

    Kisan Media

     7 days ago +4

    Watch the magicians of india’s got talent

  • Aure P

    Aure P

     21 days ago +49

    #5 who else looked back in to video to check if they wore camouflage t-shots?

  • Надежда Гуйдя

    Надежда Гуйдя

     1 months ago +8

    Фокус на 9 месте очень лёгкий я сам могу его повторить

  • Alif Asyraf

    Alif Asyraf

     1 months ago +51

    The first magic is very awesome. If all women can do like that. I think all man dont have problem to wait before dating.

  • Vũ Gaming

    Vũ Gaming


    The 9 magical boy is handsome XD

  • Patrick Cane

    Patrick Cane

     a years ago +385

    But... he broke the buzzer thing