DIY Unicorn Snot

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 29, 2018
  • Today we're finding out what happens when you mix slime with glow stick fluid!Galaxy S9+ Giveaway: & “Ring the Bell”: 20 Mule Team: Elmers Glue: TKOR Merch: What Else I’m Up To:Instagram: Inquiries: For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: by: Andreas Jamsheree - "Don't Stress"Maiwan - "Anyone"Royalty Free Music from Epidemic Sound: video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this video and you'll GET CREDIT! Click Here: credit TRANSLATING other videos? Click Here to see where else you can contribute: YOU!! ✌️👑
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  • The King of Random

    The King of Random

     a years ago +238

    Good morning guys! Here's the link to the Galaxy S9+ Giveaway:
    Love you guys.
    Best of luck!

  • Daraaa z.

    Daraaa z.

     a years ago +143

    We're all mature until we see glow in the dark stuff and then poof we're 2 yr olds 😂

  • larchalb83


     a years ago +49

    Maybe in the future instead of buying glow sticks and taking them apart maybe try making your own glow liquid with chemistry lessons to go with it.

  • Arcade Assassin

    Arcade Assassin

     a years ago +195

    if your a long time fan
    Gasps he's talking to me!

  • TurvyGT


     a years ago +15

    The orange ooz looks like the sun melted cause when you poke your finger in, it looks like the sun's core

  • Copper Corsair

    Copper Corsair

     a years ago +235

    Could you mix the glow fluid with cornflour to make glowing oobleck?

  • PrincessRiners


     a years ago +117

    taking slime to the next level. hehe.

  • Shogun666 666

    Shogun666 666

     a years ago +7

    Okay, I see glow in the dark slime, but have you ever seen glow in the dark oobleck?

  • fvautigamer


     a years ago +22

    maybe you could make glow in the dark proto putty

  • Oliver Yeadon

    Oliver Yeadon

     a years ago +4

    What happens if you mix ooblex
    with magnetic slime

  • Yothik Indraraj

    Yothik Indraraj

     a years ago +88

    Can you mix the glowing fluid with cornstarch to make glowing ooblek

  • SnakeHuntersTV


     a years ago +59




     a years ago +4

    Make a glowing slime lava gun and shoot it at someone

  • pastale The sansper

    pastale The sansper

     a years ago +5

    Put the glowing slime all in a jar and make it like a lamp in your bedroom

  • ASKA


     a years ago +45


  • Siddharth Mathur

    Siddharth Mathur

     a years ago +78

    This Is What Unicorns Throw Up Probably

  • Syed Ejaz Asr

    Syed Ejaz Asr

     a years ago +3

    that was most satisfying video in the world i have ever seen
    who agrees? like this comment

  • Pastel Cobra

    Pastel Cobra

     a years ago +3

    Ahead of all the diy channels I see 😂🙌

  • tori2dles


     a years ago +1

    How long does it glow? I mean, if one pre-makes it for a party in the AM, it would be a bummer if it stopped glowing before the PM.

  • felistine Wadi/princess

    felistine Wadi/princess

     7 days ago

    This is a GLOWSTICK ENTERTAINMENT (np just kidding XD, LOL, idk)