MLB Catchers Showing Off Their Reflexes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 18, 2019
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  • Tyler Haase

    Tyler Haase


    It would be interesting to see a catcher play pitcher

  • Jacob Lawrance

    Jacob Lawrance

     yesterday +1

    0:01 look in the top right

    Indians lead 3-1😏

  • Hakdog Hamburger

    Hakdog Hamburger

     3 days ago

    Like a bullet of spinper

  • Shadow Banned

    Shadow Banned

     5 days ago

    I'm surprised Contreras didn't pretend to be hurt for a minute until the trainer came out so he could "walk it off" and then get back to playing because he's... SO... TOUGH. That's his favorite move and he has no idea how transparent it is to anyone who's paying attention. That scrub is the biggest perro caliente in the entire National League.

  • Dick Fitswell

    Dick Fitswell

     6 days ago

    1:48 Almost took off his head. Great throw
    4:30 watch the 2nd guy in .25 speed as he runs into a planted catchers leg. Went pretty much full speed into a face plant

  • えむちゃんねる


     7 days ago


  • Christopher Marszalek

    Christopher Marszalek

     7 days ago

    The hardest position on the Diamond. Pitcher pitches, fielders catch and throw the ball. We catchers need to control the pitcher, position the fielders,know the hitters and what they can/can't hit, react to runners and field the ball all whilst wearing protective gear in the heat.
    All hail the King of the Diamond the Catcher

  • angela martinez

    angela martinez

     7 days ago

    O dios

  • angela martinez

    angela martinez

     7 days ago


  • angela martinez

    angela martinez

     7 days ago


  • April Vanessa

    April Vanessa

     7 days ago

    Catcher is the best position . I used to be a catcher . Its the most thrilling position. (Softball player here)

  • Sumit Kr Brahma

    Sumit Kr Brahma

     7 days ago

    Fucking joke

  • Colleen MacDermaid

    Colleen MacDermaid

     14 days ago

    Toughest position in baseball. They save a lot of games for the pitcher and get very little recognition.

  • iShrimpEater


     14 days ago

    Is there a reason why they rip their masks off? Is it just to increase their visibility when throwing?

  • Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach

     21 days ago

    Jared Saltalamacchia has such a long name, if he wore any smaller size of Jersey, his last name would come full circle

  • Eric Stanger

    Eric Stanger

     a months ago +1

    Any man that chooses to have 100+mph fastballs thrown at them for a living is a bad MF!!

  • Eric Dunn

    Eric Dunn

     a months ago

    Sandy Alomars catch not being on here is a travesty

  • Gunner Smith

    Gunner Smith

     a months ago

    In my first year playing baseball (i started as a catcher im currently 13 started when 12) i threw out 13 people and blocked so many crazy picthes my coaches were telling my pitchers to spike it cause they thought it was funny... tha best block i ever did was when there was a lefty up to bat and then the reliever tbrew it behind him and i picked it and my coach went ape shit he thought that was amazing

  • XanniBoii


     a months ago

    So much respect for Catchers

  • Rajan Rao

    Rajan Rao

     a months ago

    Short answer: If you have orange gear on, you're gonna do well.