Ocean Drive - Miami Nights 1984

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 19, 2017
  • Car chase from 1974 neo-noir McQ, starring John Wayne
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SveZixcZ4Z8


  • Dominik B

     1 months ago

    GTA 6 Intro music Please Rockstar

  • Nick D

     4 days ago

    Hell nah. This would’ve been good for vice city not gta 6

  • Snowy23

     10 days ago

    I agree Dominik, this would be a great tune for GTA 6 Back to Vice. BTW the 1911a is no match against the TMP uzi. P.P.S. did you guys see the Vice City themed bill board in downtown Los Santos (GTA 5)? It's near the ammunation, over by the car dealership.

  • aviation commercial channell

     1 years ago

    1971 cadillac sedan deville 1973 chevrolet impala

  • Adrain mai

     6 days ago

    The 3 was a Plymouth? the one driven by Wayne..

  • Dario cochelli

     22 days ago

    Wonderful cars

  • DelOk

     2 months ago

    Ностальгия по времени, в котором никогда не был.

  • Alex Che

     4 days ago

    @Соснин Никита меньше пить надо, и не будет деградации!

  • Uwais Mawsarow

     8 days ago

    Это была совсем другая эпоха

  • blakeslide

     1 years ago

    this made me watch the movie

  • EcoZones2D6

     16 days ago

    he acts like ***

  • EcoZones2D6

     16 days ago

    @Khalil N gg

  • Erik Hammel

     3 months ago

    I'm surprised as how well these cars steer on a beach.

  • Brandon R

     21 days ago

    Wet sand is as hard as asphalt

  • Youdeeplysickenme nibba

     1 months ago

    Right? They look so boxy they could just break and fall apart after a slight turn

  • RKC transportation and other videos

     2 months ago

    Pity we don't see car chases done in this style anymore.

  • Need a light?

     18 days ago

    Gimme yer address and we can change that ',:)

  • P

     1 months ago

    @NoBrakes23 You wanna know what garbage is? Take a look at FnF series

  • Steven Coates

     3 months ago

    All that saltwater can't be good for them cars 😁😁😁

  • Prussian Eagle

     5 days ago

    US cars rust anyways

  • Fam Pton

     26 days ago

    You're definitely a car guy :D

  • Flash Chrome

     3 months ago

    This is more like "Miami Nights 1978".

  • Vinesauce Obscurities

     1 months ago

    *Moclips Days 1974 - Ocean Drive

  • Mike Wilhelmson

     2 months ago

    Flash chrome is a sweet handle. Nice.

  • SuicidalHustla

     2 months ago

    Some of the shots in this scene just look so majestic

  • plejra

     9 months ago

    I don't think the song title meant to be that kind of ocean drive... ;)

  • Niny Kahn

     17 days ago

    @normieloser69 If I'm not wrong, Ocean Drive should be the name of a famous road in Miami, but in this video it is intended literally as a drive in the ocean.

  • Kenneth Wallace

     2 months ago

    Funny enough it lined up 😂. Not sure if Wayne would have found it funny 🎩.