Summer Vegetable Pesto Ribbon Salad

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Netizpossible


     a years ago +201

    It's basically Ratatouille without the rat, the touille, or the cooking.

  • Genius Suga!

    Genius Suga!

     a years ago +83

    It’s so satisfying when they make food



     a years ago +24

    Calmly sits and dreams of one day making real food and not just cereal and milk

  • Zaxor Von Skyler

    Zaxor Von Skyler

     a years ago +32

    I bet it would taste good baked as well!

  • J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen

    J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen

     a years ago +32

    Dressed to Impresto

  • Michael Jay - Value Investing

    Michael Jay - Value Investing

     a years ago +44

    I'd go vegetarian if I could eat this everyday.

  • Ayih Jawabreh

    Ayih Jawabreh

     a years ago +6

    can you do more healthy vegetarian recipes

  • Spencer C

    Spencer C

     a years ago +7

    Never been so early!!!

  • MsRose00


     a years ago +2

    A good raw vegan dish!

  • GreenzGirl


     a years ago +1

    Notification squad where u at????????

  • !?


     a years ago +1

    I look at this video to be heathy...
    a pizza ad pops up

  • Morgan Dawn

    Morgan Dawn

     a years ago +3

    This looks so good I bet it would be good heated.

  • Say Hello Chica

    Say Hello Chica

     a years ago

    Thanks for the great vegan recipe! Hope to see more! 😘

  • tay _

    tay _

     a years ago +1

    Super Tasty ;w;

  • Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson

     a years ago

    I never thought of eating raw zucchini and squash

  • Claudia Ivy

    Claudia Ivy

     a years ago +2

    WOW, so yummy I will try today, thanks Tasty!

  • Titi Meme

    Titi Meme

     a years ago +1

    3rd or 4th

  • Nkechi Onyi

    Nkechi Onyi

     a years ago +1


  • Cãndy Çhãn

    Cãndy Çhãn

     a years ago

    Buy that vegetable scraper for just $1:45 on wish 👍 lol

  • Ronald Abrokwa

    Ronald Abrokwa

     a years ago +4

    happy summer