Harvest Honey - Part 1

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 2, 2017
  • In today's Beekeeping video I am going to show you how to get honey supers off beehive. and defiantly come back tomorrow for even more exiting video when I extracting honey from hive framesboom.Get your CrazyRussianHacker merch! - https://shop.crowdmade.com/collection...Follow Taras on:https://www.instagram.com/crazyrussia...https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussian...Follow Katherine on:https://www.instagram.com/epicsquared/FAN MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKERP.O. Box 49Waynesville, NC 28786Main channel CrazyRussianHacker - http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRuss...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Sor3IdtsXNg


  • Taras Kul

    Taras Kul

     2 years ago +2215

    Don't forget to comeback for part 2 tomorrow! :D It's been so much fun! can't wait to finish it and show it to you how much honey I got this season! :)

  • StonedRailfan


     2 years ago +1464

    I love how happy Taras is in all of his videos. He seems like a real upbeat guy.

  • Eduardo Soto

    Eduardo Soto

     2 years ago +1352

    he should sale that honey in a jar with a sticker thst say "crazy russian honey"

  • Henri


     2 years ago +1410

    Who else rushes to the comments when he says something funny to check if someone already commented it?

  • Leave Me Alone

    Leave Me Alone

     6 months ago +128

    “Good most of the bees are gone”
    Sees a bee
    Flings it away

  • Majorie Desmarais

    Majorie Desmarais

     a years ago +341

    This guy is adorable

  • Adelina Del Rey

    Adelina Del Rey

     a years ago +173

    I was hoping he'd just put on glasses and say, "Safety first!" and then open a bee hive.

  • Shakeel


     2 years ago +117

    Oh man these videos are gonna be sweet

  • Kappa Fart

    Kappa Fart

     a years ago +176

    Who wonders if he crushes any bees when he puts it back on? one day he crushes the queen bee BOOM! She's gone

  • Agent Enterprises

    Agent Enterprises

     2 years ago +288

    6:50 "Taras Me"

  • George M

    George M

     2 years ago +1312

    Pis collab with crazyrussianhacker

  • Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee

    Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee

     a years ago +28

    Is it just a coincidence that I discovered this video exactly a year later?

  • amanda cabrera

    amanda cabrera

     a years ago +14

    Anybody else hear his accent and hear "saftey first"

  • Mau Ser

    Mau Ser

     2 years ago +19

    Maybe I'll just...or maybe I'll just....or maybe....

  • Οh Υeah Υeah

    Οh Υeah Υeah

     2 years ago +34

    My dad is harvesting right now behind me. He says that if calculations are right then he will harvest about 1.5tons of honey

  • Hamza G

    Hamza G

     2 years ago +74

    We going to leave it for 7 minutes. Time is 3 17 so 3 27 😂

  • Fr3akymet4l


     2 years ago +17

    Now my life is complete.

  • crimson the dragon

    crimson the dragon

     1 months ago +5

    I like his accent I also like it when he says "honey"

  • Hextrasher


     2 years ago +2

    0:10 Subtitles
    "I'm going to eat the bees"

  • A.l.k.g Productions

    A.l.k.g Productions

     3 months ago +3

    in the beginning he said he’s been waiting two years to extract the honey!!!