Minecraft's Enderman Are NOT What We Thought! | The SCIENCE!... of Minecraft

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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    If you're not a regular MINECRAFT player, you may not know about the otherworldly beings called Endermen. They have the ability to teleport and they attack if you look them in the eye, but how do they get this ability to warp through space? Where do they come from? And what do they want?! In this episode, Austin explores the SCIENCE of the Endermen to reveal an answer to one of Minecraft's central mysteries!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Sj0fPQ8IwUY


  • Sekhubara


     an hour ago

    Endermen do teleport. I had one teleport into my house after I angered and damaged it.

  • Duncan Whitwam

    Duncan Whitwam

     3 hours ago

    you are two years too late
    i got that already
    they dont teleport

  • ArcticRoseCos123


     4 hours ago

    I rage quit minecraft cuz I kept drowning myself

  • Patrick Henry

    Patrick Henry

     6 hours ago

    5:37 each block is offically 1m^3*. Not squared.

  • Blue Sanada Senpai

    Blue Sanada Senpai

     13 hours ago

    Their purple aura that appears when they run approves that Endermen teleport

  • Ultimaterasu The Astralwolf Radiance Swordsman

    Ultimaterasu The Astralwolf Radiance Swordsman

     14 hours ago

    how about a theory on Ghasts

  • Cade The Trombone

    Cade The Trombone

     14 hours ago

    hmmm is that the moldau that I hear (the song) 9:30

  • William L Casper

    William L Casper

     17 hours ago +1

    If we throw a ender pearl do we teleport?

  • Logan Bruno

    Logan Bruno

     17 hours ago +1

    You should be able to cures and get a penny taken

  • Gigi Gigi

    Gigi Gigi

     18 hours ago

    Bro just watch the new video from ga... aw i forgot

  • Olga Aguado

    Olga Aguado

     21 hours ago


  • Hai lu

    Hai lu

     21 hours ago

    Ender pearl is maybe the heart, or core for the enderman?

  • Lester Lucindo

    Lester Lucindo


    At Minecraft 1.9 every time an ender men TELEPORT they leave out purple dust
    And I this was at 2017 and my sending this in 2019
    But still your wrong
    Matpat is better at making theory than you, sorry

  • TribalTree



    Wow, the website counting the biggest games didnt get minecrafts release date right...

  • The changing Name TCN

    The changing Name TCN

     yesterday +1

    7:37 Even though we did see one running on the left side we see a slowed down enderman teleport anyway. Like so Austin can see

  • Richard O'Donnell

    Richard O'Donnell


    TP commands make you "run" like that, same with throwing ender pearls

  • Super FighterZ

    Super FighterZ



  • Rishabh Rathee

    Rishabh Rathee


    I don't think enderman run beacouse one day a enderman teleported into my house in minecraft even the door was closed

  • conflict



    I was playing minecraft while watching this and an endearment carrying a dirt block just randomly popped up in my face and scared the actual s**t out of me.

  • Ryū Ketsueki

    Ryū Ketsueki

     2 days ago

    Congrats for discovering the truth behind the Endermen before MatPat, Austin