Can You Preserve A Rose in Resin?! | Dipit #24

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 20, 2019
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    For the last 4 years, you have been asking me to dip a rose in resin. Accomplishing a pour of that volume without hard lines or overheating might be a singularly difficult pour.

    Today, we give it a go.

    Grand River Wood Co:
    Want To Make this Project?

    Chill Epoxy Ice 2:
    Kodiak Sharpener:
    Rubber Mat:
    Rubber Gloves:
    Mixing Cups 32oz:
    Mixing sticks:
    Bowl Gouge:
    Mico Mesh Foam Pads:

    Filming Gear:
    Canon T5i
    Rode Mic:
    Joby Tripod:

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  • Yea Boi

    Yea Boi

     1 months ago +10480

    literally holding an actual rose

    "I think that looks like a rose"

  • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

    Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

     12 hours ago

    Hey that's pretty cool. 👍 great video 💙🐝💙

  • Mariah Clark

    Mariah Clark

     14 hours ago

    The noise that machine made activated my fight or flight on like a different level

  • Julie van Rooyen

    Julie van Rooyen

     17 hours ago


  • Alivash Dragore

    Alivash Dragore

     20 hours ago

    Sell out

  • Nath Wijnen

    Nath Wijnen

     21 hours ago

    Maybe the wood made it brown?? ;o

  • TheGlen OfDoom

    TheGlen OfDoom


    what was the cost of all the resin that you used to make this? It just seems like it would cost so much

  • Kaj'or Reinholdt

    Kaj'or Reinholdt


    "It's incredibly thick and really hard." That's what she said.

  • Pachyderm Princess

    Pachyderm Princess

     2 days ago

    How much? I want one. Lol. I love 🌹's. ♥️🕊🙏🏻

  • Paul Nix

    Paul Nix

     2 days ago

    Get a fresh rose and do multiple coats of hair spray. That might preserve the color.. also, how long did you leave it in the pressure pot?

  • Pippa pig

    Pippa pig

     3 days ago

    I like to do that with insects. 👍👍👍

  • Janet Lewis

    Janet Lewis

     3 days ago

    No just no. All wrong.

  • Veronika Nordberg

    Veronika Nordberg

     3 days ago


  • mv4463


     3 days ago

    Have u ever tried with a magnolia blossom?

  • Jadenforreal Whocares

    Jadenforreal Whocares

     4 days ago

    I’m shocked on how you Mastered that 👏👏👏 I want one 😻

  • Jim Martin

    Jim Martin

     6 days ago

    Be neat to get the rose to absorb a chemical that can be activated with frequency that causes the whole rose to turn into a resin or plastination preserving the rose forever.

  • A Girl With A Toad

    A Girl With A Toad

     6 days ago

    that's how you make confetti

  • Xiron24_


     7 days ago

    Would I be able to commission you and if so how much cuz I love this and would want one

  • Haven's lil art corner

    Haven's lil art corner

     7 days ago

    Pretty. Came out lovely. Very interesting how the different amounts made a difference in the rose. I'm new to using resin. What's the pressure pot do?

  • Ella L.

    Ella L.

     7 days ago

    Spray lacquer the dried flower 3x before placing it in resin, its reacting to the resin. Protect it from the resin and it should be fine