BURIED INSTRUMENTAL - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Song

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 25, 2018
  • Instrumental version of our animated music video parody of the Black Ops 2 Zombies map Buried.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/SX2h2TZp1e4




     a years ago +149

    To celebrate the rumors of the return of the Green Run gang, we wanted to release the instrumental for BURIED THE MUSICAL!



     3 months ago

    Leroy sure can rock the fuck out of those drums

  • Jimmy Chang

    Jimmy Chang

     6 months ago

    did someone say drunk, because i wanna play

  • Bellaaviles26363


     10 months ago

    Do black ops 4 !!!!!!!!

  • ChiefDaws


     10 months ago

    Can I use this

  • Mega E

    Mega E

     11 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen god is reel

  • Octavio Corral

    Octavio Corral

     11 months ago

    Can u upload this to Spotify?

  • Виктор Цетта

    Виктор Цетта

     a years ago

    Pleaseeee, Advanced Warfare Instrumental

  • demon mario 999

    demon mario 999

     a years ago

    Can you make wolfinstein 2

  • Gabriel Rorke

    Gabriel Rorke

     a years ago

    Now cod bo2 the musical instrumental

  • Russman Legend

    Russman Legend

     a years ago

    Its me the main character? HEHE YEAH!

  • Matthew Toad

    Matthew Toad

     a years ago

    I have to admit, your best song yet.

  • Gameplay And commentary

    Gameplay And commentary

     a years ago

    I hope there's a Mob of the dead remaster in bo4 that would be amazing

  • Sandratmidgit 2

    Sandratmidgit 2

     a years ago

    Do origins

  • Jacob Sotelo

    Jacob Sotelo

     a years ago

    Holy shit this channeo is dead i saw my first vid on it in 2012 i forgot about the channel and now i saw it in my recomended

  • GuilhermeTTakamoto games

    GuilhermeTTakamoto games

     a years ago

    original song?

  • Sceptere


     a years ago

    holy shit 1.7 mil I been here since 100k

  • Green peee

    Green peee

     a years ago

    When your in school and want to excape😎

  • Raid Marine

    Raid Marine

     a years ago

    Cod for life

  • Fireape111 /:

    Fireape111 /:

     a years ago

    Its back!