1 Man, 100 Voices | Lhugueny

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 7, 2017
  • Watch me perform 100 different voice impressions in less than 30 minutes!►WATCH MORE LHUGUENY VIDEOS→ https://www.youtube.com/user/lhugueny...►SUBSCRIBE→ https://www.thvideos.net/user/lhugueny LHUGUENY SONGS→ https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lo...►TWITTER→ https://twitter.com/#!/MovieMusicals►FACEBOOK→ http://www.facebook.com/MovieMusicals►INSTAGRAM→ http://instagram.com/lhugueny►YOUTUBE→ https://www.youtube.com/lhugueny►2ND YOUTUBE→ https://www.youtube.com/lhuguenytwoLIST OF VOICE IMPRESSIONS:1. Super Mario2. Luigi3. Wario4. Toad5. Starcatfish6.Gonzalo, the stereotypical Spaniard7. Stereotypical French guy8. Stereotypical Italian guy9. Boxing Announcer10. Kim Jong Un11. Stereotypical Australian guy12. Nerd13. Arnold Schwarzenegger14. Mickey Mouse15. Goofy16. Louis Armstrong17. Hank Hill18. Dale Gribble19. Beavis 20. Butthead21. Bill Clinton22. Hillary Clinton23. Donald Trump24. Barack Obama25. Bernie Sanders26. George Bush Sr.27. George Bush Jr.28. Nikolai (Black Ops Zombies)29. Takeo (Black Ops Zombies)30. Richtofen (Black Ops Zombies)31. Russman (Black Ops 2 Zombies)32. Stuhlinger (Black Ops 2 Zombies)33. Sgt. Frank Woods (Call of Duty: Black Ops)34. Captain Price (Call of Duty Modern Warfare)35. Macmillan (Call of Duty Modern Warfare)36. Ghost (Modern Warfare 2)37. Imran Zakhaev38. Vladimir Makarov39. Austin Powers40. Yellow Puppet (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)41. Red Guy (DHMIS)42. Duck (DHMIS)43. Bunkfunk MC (Green Money Weed Connection)44. Meatwad (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)45. Carl (ATHF)46. Dr. Girlfriend (The Venture Bros.)47. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)48. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)49. Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High)50. Mike Damone (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)51. Adam Levine (Maroon 5)52. Valley Girl53. Owen Wilson54. Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe)55. Flaming Gay Guy56. Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)57. Stannis Baratheon (Game of Thrones)58. Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)59. Tony Montana (Scarface)60. Indian Telemarketer61. Sylvester Stallone (Rambo)62. Movie Announcer63. Fran Drescher64. English Butler65. Christian Bale (Batman Begins)66. Joker (The Dark Knight)67. Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)68. Sean Connery69. Scooby Doo70. Morgan Freeman71. Richard Nixon72. Old Man73. Yoda (Star Wars)74. Woody Allen75. Patty & Selma (The Simpsons)76. Professor Frink (The Simpsons)77. Kilgore (Apocalypse Now)78. Greaser79. Airline Pilot80. Clint Eastwood81. Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars)82. Ronald Reagan 83. Bruce (Finding Nemo)84. Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars)85. Boss Nass (Star Wars)86. Johnny from "Angels with Filthy Souls" (Home Alone)87. Harry (Home Alone)88. Marv (Home Alone)89. Golem (Lord Of The Rings)90. British Chav91. Matthew McConaughey (Dazed & Confused)92. Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)93. Winston Churchill94. Scarce95. Filthy Frank96. PewDiePie97. Drunk Frat Guy98. Sud Dude (Meme)99. Principal Ed Rooney (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)100. Marge SimpsonWritten & Performed by Logan Hugueny-ClarkFilmed by Whitney Di Stefano(c) Lhugueny 2017
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SCGRpKbvl_4


  • Damian Dorsaneo

    Damian Dorsaneo

     2 years ago +798

    I bet you can do like, 300 voice impressions!

  • Manuel Amaya

    Manuel Amaya

     2 years ago +245

    You should be a actor!!!

  • SoNCoB


     2 years ago +66

    Lhugueny can you do another Adventures of Captain Price?



     2 years ago +37

    Did he... Did he just? Did he just say "Koala BEAR"?

  • Rafael Alódio

    Rafael Alódio

     2 years ago +22

    Captain Price voice is the best, he should do a new episode of the adventures of captain price.

  • Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore

     2 years ago +11

    10:36 My Favourite Voice

  • SmashFan03


     2 years ago +11

    the toad one made me die of cringe

  • RedBrickFilms


     2 years ago +8

    What if there was one man who could do 1,000... wait, it is!

  • Jonathan Alfaro

    Jonathan Alfaro

     2 years ago +4

    I think when you were doing this you were saying in your head "kill me" XD

  • Jack Fourie

    Jack Fourie

     2 years ago +9


  • Empire The master

    Empire The master

     2 years ago +17

    Can you make a metro 2033 musical if you did that would be awesome

  • Fathen


     2 years ago +15

    can you make halo 2 the musical?

  • Scarygermanguy


     2 years ago +32

    I just realize almost all mario characters go owwowowowowowow

  • Savannah Faith

    Savannah Faith

     2 years ago +4

    Hehe I can't tell if my little cousin laughed or cried lol!

  • Akash Nagra

    Akash Nagra

     2 years ago +4

    MGSV the phantom pain musical

  • Kieran Ramirez

    Kieran Ramirez

     2 years ago +6

    He's so good at the voices and the Australian one sounds like unlisted leaf 🍃

  • Morrisons Playz

    Morrisons Playz

     2 years ago +5

    my favourite voice is captain price

  • Slim._. Pyro

    Slim._. Pyro

     2 years ago +2

    I see a very talented man here!

  • Chris B

    Chris B

     2 years ago +6

    Rainbow six siege the musical

  • Synced Playz

    Synced Playz

     2 years ago +50

    can you do a Friday The 13TH the musical??