I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Cheese Wheel Pasta

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
  • "OMG, that's a lot of fire."

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  • Kornis Funny

    Kornis Funny


    Its fun to make wheel of chesse but its its expensive to so what so ever 😒😒

  • Daniel mckinzie

    Daniel mckinzie


    Lol “mouth sounds”

  • anirudha T.S

    anirudha T.S

     2 days ago

    Literally nobody:
    YouTube Algorithm to me: Let's show this video after watching "Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting by hand" video!!!

  • Aquatic Devil

    Aquatic Devil

     2 days ago

    My brother screaming at me for eating a bit of the ingredients he needs in his "dish"

  • SilverSnake


     2 days ago +1

    1:05 Carrying it with ease exposed.

  • Zacherel Mackerel

    Zacherel Mackerel

     3 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Andrew sounds like RoomieOfficial?

  • saidur rahman

    saidur rahman

     3 days ago

    This video is about how to ruin your cheese.😝

  • Marcello Weicheng

    Marcello Weicheng

     3 days ago

    Look like they just f*** up

  • Audrey Wolfe

    Audrey Wolfe

     4 days ago

    Can you make it with caprison or tomato juice for kids

  • Inkhao Huang

    Inkhao Huang

     5 days ago

    Wow is a pot made out of cheese

  • Inkhao Huang

    Inkhao Huang

     5 days ago

    "Look Im Cheesus"

    -a buzzfeed that i forgot his name 2018

  • Inkhao Huang

    Inkhao Huang

     5 days ago

    I saw that buzzfeed dude

  • Sniper Survivor77

    Sniper Survivor77

     5 days ago +2

    Eating your feed is like Adam's way of punishing people for not getting enough food on worth it

  • 最もゲイ今までで


     5 days ago

    Look i'm Cheesus"

  • Bearimus Maximus

    Bearimus Maximus

     5 days ago

    Do you have Chinese handlers?

  • Marcus Savina

    Marcus Savina

     5 days ago

    There was never more....

  • Ja La

    Ja La

     6 days ago

    You look like a tool

  • Michael Fish

    Michael Fish

     6 days ago +1

    "I do not approve this video"
    - Person who made the cheese wheel

  • Roo Berry

    Roo Berry

     6 days ago

    The editor of these videos is a legend, shen the knife hit the cheese blink had me dying, then the camera cutting to different angles when he was hammering it had me dead, I freaking love the editor

  • Adi Soo

    Adi Soo

     7 days ago

    Wht happened to this series? I need more episodessss