Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 - Challenge

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN LOL (watch till the end)
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  • MrBeast


     6 days ago +20046

    WATCH THIS FIRST EPISODE HERE (watch the entire thing)

  • Sarina L.

    Sarina L.

     4 minutes ago +1

    I want him to win the million 😍

  • Ameerah Ahmed

    Ameerah Ahmed

     21 minutes ago +1

    5:54 look at the guy on the complete lefts foot (he pushes himself off the floor aka touches the floor)

  • Najmi Hasrudin

    Najmi Hasrudin

     55 minutes ago

    18 time swing i can reject. But 19 i lost. Hikhok

  • the one weird gacha garbage blitz kid uvu

    the one weird gacha garbage blitz kid uvu

     an hour ago

    i atchelly wished that troy won bc of what i heard :c

  • Savage


     an hour ago

    I’m sticking with Omar he has the most determination out of all of them

  • Kayleigh Mc

    Kayleigh Mc

     an hour ago

    Who won 1,000$ amazon gift card? Mr.beast

  • Central Michigan Dan

    Central Michigan Dan

     an hour ago

    12:53 I see King K. Rool won, am I the only one who is gonna mention it

  • dandie dinmont great gatsby

    dandie dinmont great gatsby

     an hour ago

    You should do a give a way

  • FlaShadow X

    FlaShadow X

     an hour ago

    I wish i was your friend. 😭😭

  • Big Sid Real Prison Talk

    Big Sid Real Prison Talk

     an hour ago

    In my watch is the dude swing in a sex swing this is ridiculous Boreen

  • Big Sid Real Prison Talk

    Big Sid Real Prison Talk

     an hour ago

    Are you kidding me right now what a fraud these people are fraudulent

  • Aisha Mohamed

    Aisha Mohamed

     an hour ago

    your amazing man

  • Whisterlosgamer6


     an hour ago

    If you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe back
    Comment when u did

  • Jeffrey Dougherty

    Jeffrey Dougherty

     2 hours ago

    Do a challenge with the boys

  • Jane Johnson

    Jane Johnson

     2 hours ago


  • Carter Collins

    Carter Collins

     2 hours ago

    You should do last one to leave Icey hot bath wins

  • Anthony Daniel Eddy Goulding

    Anthony Daniel Eddy Goulding

     2 hours ago

    I say Omar be tested for drug's!!!!

  • No Limits l بلا حدود

    No Limits l بلا حدود

     2 hours ago

    subscribe here guys

  • mafia 6233

    mafia 6233

     2 hours ago