Ranking Every Capture in Super Mario Odyssey

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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  • FearsomeFire


     3 months ago +1179

    This was so awesome to be a part of! Thanks again Nathaniel for letting me be apart of this video. Making the list was super fun (and pretty difficult) and I cant wait to see what people have to say about where we ranked everything.

  • My Life With Aspergers

    My Life With Aspergers

     17 hours ago

    I don't agree with #1

  • Diamondfan 1

    Diamondfan 1

     19 hours ago


  • L train

    L train

     21 hours ago

    How is bowser only in 8th place?!?!??

  • Diana Denman

    Diana Denman


    Someone in a Mario roleplay in Roblox he was a chain chomp and I was a dry bones named sans and he said "you don't look like sans" and a few minutes later I said something along the lines of "shut up bootleg bowling ball"

  • Gary The snail

    Gary The snail

     2 days ago

    Yushi! And Yoshi

  • C.O!!


     3 days ago

    3:34 I thought he said waifuu for a sec-

  • NintenStationZ


     4 days ago

    11:56 spider Yoshi spider Yoshi does whatever a spider can spits out his tounge any size catches goombas just like flies look out! Here comes the spider yoshi

  • Cobra Cobra

    Cobra Cobra

     5 days ago

    Anyone else think Mario odyssey got repetitive

  • AJ Gaming

    AJ Gaming

     5 days ago

    The t-Rex is obviously the best

  • Fishybro 132

    Fishybro 132

     5 days ago

    My two empty spots in odyssey for possessing was the poison and fire piranha plant... wow

  • Tobias Malmgaard

    Tobias Malmgaard

     7 days ago

    Respect my boy cheep cheep in the future

  • Cody Hinks

    Cody Hinks

     7 days ago

    Didn’t you say that Mario captures wouldnt count?

  • Maya M

    Maya M

     7 days ago

    We all know what no.1 was instanly...

    ... Bowser

    Edit: shocking that you put bullet bill above bowser

  • Space Animates

    Space Animates

     7 days ago +1


    b o u l d e r

  • Space Animates

    Space Animates

     7 days ago +1


    b o u l d e r

  • Neko Player

    Neko Player

     7 days ago +1

    BN: the best capture is a boulder (sry if i spelled something wrong)
    NB: puts the boulder in the last place
    BN: Nathaniel.... I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU play super releasio 64 on full volume with headaphones...

    (don't do it....)

  • Andrew Emfield

    Andrew Emfield

     7 days ago

    Beat my beat lol

  • Undertale Paps211

    Undertale Paps211

     14 days ago +1

    Lies cactus is the best capture

  • Gamer King Boss

    Gamer King Boss

     14 days ago +1

    Wrong 1 is tree