The Abandoned & Cancelled Disney Animations You’ll Never Get To See: 1990-2015 (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 15, 2019
  • Explore Disney’s Abandoned & Cancelled Animated films from 1990 to 2015, from the Original Lost Emperor’s New Groove, a sequel to Roger Rabbit, Disney’s “dirty” first CGI film and more! A deep dive into the stories and history behind these cancelled Disney animations.

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    Kingdom of the Sun footage from "The Sweatbox" by Xingu Films

    Pixar/Disney footage from "A Pixar Story"

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  • Yesterworld Entertainment

    Yesterworld Entertainment

     2 months ago +211

    Hey all, hope you enjoy Part 2 exploring The Abandoned & Cancelled Disney animations! Similar to what I posted in Part 1, in order to best avoid too many “You forgot about…” comments, I thought I’d quickly share the criteria I used to build this episode:

    1. Had to be a FEATURE LENGTH animated film, as the list of shorts would require an entire series of its own.

    2. Only films that will never see the light of day and that aren’t currently in the works for an alternate version, or were simply reworked into a similar film aside from 1 or 2 exceptions where the story is particularly interesting and rich with history.

    3. Also keep in mind that some "cancelled" Disney Feature Animations just don't have enough history or available visuals to tell a proper story, I include a few quick ones near the end as a "bonus", but some films are just as simple as "Disney almost made (insert here) film...and they didn't", which aren't the stories I am particularly interested in telling, as plenty of "list/top 10" videos have already done that.



     8 hours ago

    16:07 Warrior cats vibes for some reason huuuuummmmmmmm

  • lil lexi

    lil lexi

     23 hours ago

    honestly really want kingdom of the sun SO MUCH

  • muffy potato oreo cookie galaxy cutie snoopysop Aj

    muffy potato oreo cookie galaxy cutie snoopysop Aj


    Hey yesterworld can you do a part 3 of this?

  • Joy P

    Joy P

     2 days ago

    I love all your use of “shenanigans” lol 😂 my favorite word! 😄

  • Calico Marker

    Calico Marker

     3 days ago

    18:25 ok so we’re not gonna talk about how disturbing this is? It’s a whole scene about (Chicken’s? Ostriches?) being chopped up and turned into meat! Holy shit, thank god Dumbo 2 was cancelled

  • Shawn Marcy

    Shawn Marcy

     3 days ago +1

    Disney: We chose to develop Chicken little over A few good ghosts due to it having stronger appeal with audiences

    me: you chose poorly

  • Aleja


     5 days ago

    Okay but everyone looked over what the second monsters inc could’ve been!! As good as monsters university was,, the sequel described in here would’ve been so sweet 🥺

  • Chibby Plays

    Chibby Plays

     6 days ago

    Even as a kid I despised chicken little and now I’m really really sad that we got that over something that sounded super cute and interesting

  • Isaiah Adams

    Isaiah Adams

     7 days ago +1

    I like The Emperor’s New Groove but I really really really really wish we had Kingdom of the Sun instead. It would’ve been a better movie. I hope one day disney decides to recreate Kingdom of the Sun.

  • Eli The Cooldude

    Eli The Cooldude

     7 days ago

    Where's the Yellow Submarine reboot ?

  • Art, Cosplay, & Gaming by Kya-Kitsune

    Art, Cosplay, & Gaming by Kya-Kitsune

     7 days ago

    Woody had me frightened, lol

  • Rockin Robin

    Rockin Robin

     7 days ago

    You never know, frozen was originally an adaption of the ice queen

  • fundifferent1


     7 days ago

    "Fraidy Cat" looks SOOOOO GOOOD!!

  • fundifferent1


     7 days ago

    Downvoted, only because the Wildlife quote was NOT that bad (for 2019) and was NOT "easily found on the internet"...

  • Phandom trash forever

    Phandom trash forever

     7 days ago +1

    I kind of like the idea of the kingdom of the sun movie, it seems really interesting. But I’m still happy that they still made emperors new groove, I just hope that they still try doing this, maybe rearrange the plot. Also the my peoples movie looked so cute, sad that they decided to take it out; maybe a Disney animator could make it into some sort of short film. But with Disney’s relentless shoot out of unneeded live action movies, that probably won’t happen anytime soon

  • joy jones

    joy jones

     14 days ago

    Omg i loved emperors new groove, the other one would had been great too and maybe a second one?

  • britishchick09


     14 days ago

    I wish we could've gotten Kingdom of the Sun, My Peoples and Fraidy Cat :/

  • luis tavares

    luis tavares

     14 days ago

    Steve Jobs was the CEO of Pixar?

  • Leo Hillmann

    Leo Hillmann

     14 days ago

    Has anyone noticed the pattern Disney keeps shutting down things that could be good to run stuff that sucks.