When My Best Friend Tried to STEAL My Girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Rlpwws0zGzY


  • TerryTV


     a years ago +11994

    Today's video is a little different but it's something I've been really interested in and working on over the last week. Hope you guys liked it! Let me know if you want more story times and also leave a like if you watched Bill Nye as a kid! :D

  • gIoria


     a years ago +2035

    thats what you call a fake friend

  • Llama is a goat

    Llama is a goat

     7 months ago +924

    Bloody hell How many girlfriends have you had

  • Dahlia Chua

    Dahlia Chua

     7 months ago +346

    “No one’s murdered him yet so, I guess he’s okay”



     7 months ago +747

    Best friend : Yah dude , your so good at guitar!!
    The guys he's talking to : Uhhh... I play drums

  • DKG K Diamond

    DKG K Diamond

     7 months ago +626

    She was someone that actually laughed at my jokes 💀💀💀

  • Lauren Jordy

    Lauren Jordy

     a years ago +10933

    I hope I don't get a JACK

  • Nightcore Bagel

    Nightcore Bagel

     4 months ago +176

    I hope I don't get a Jack as a best friend, I want a Terry

  • FirePhoenix 2288

    FirePhoenix 2288

     7 months ago +274

    What a
    *Terry*ble joke🌚

  • PIZZAgirl


     6 months ago +150

    "I had a best friend. Let's call him Jack." Are you calling him that because of the term "Jack ass"?

  • Rush rocks

    Rush rocks

     3 months ago +39

    First name: Jack
    Last name: Ass
    Moral of the story: Never be friends with a JackAss.

  • Boi Ambzy

    Boi Ambzy

     a years ago +1045

    I've edited this so this so no one in the comments makes sense I'm evil >:)

  • Memes My Dude

    Memes My Dude

     7 months ago +176

    his friend tried to be Mr.Stealyourgirl

  • RP Doodles

    RP Doodles

     7 months ago +167

    That penut joke in-SALTED me

  • Ninja Jester

    Ninja Jester

     4 months ago +47

    Jack: your realy good at guitar
    Rock Band:I play drums

  • Night of fun times

    Night of fun times

     3 months ago +31

    Two peanuts walking down the street. One was assaulted
    I don’t get it

  • sherrine predelus

    sherrine predelus

     a years ago +6774

    That is no friend terry

  • Panna Johns

    Panna Johns

     7 months ago +37

    You can't steal my boyfriend...... if it's in my head

  • The FBI

    The FBI

     7 months ago +48

    If i were you i would've slap Jack until he yeeted to another planet

  • Ki Ki

    Ki Ki

     4 months ago +26

    Props to the girl for being honest with you though!