Angry Acts: Top 5 Angriest Contestants from The X Factor UK

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 8, 2016
  • Hold on to your hats, these guys are not happy! Here are the top 5 angriest contestants from The X Factor UK!

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  • X Factor Global

    X Factor Global

     2 years ago +16754

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  • TSN


     36 minutes ago +1

    Zoe was told backstage that she should sing pink and it’s not her fault but she did sing quite horribly but she has a YouTube Channel now with 7 mil

  • Merlind Steffen

    Merlind Steffen

     45 minutes ago

    No baby noooooo

  • virginia cahill

    virginia cahill

     an hour ago +1

    I died laughing when I saw that George is unemployed

  • Magsi Maginski

    Magsi Maginski

     an hour ago

    The girl with the blond dreads should definitely meditate MORE

  • Magsi Maginski

    Magsi Maginski

     an hour ago

    Omg how that guy at 7:28 FLED

    Also Zoe singing "I want to start a fight" was really good foreshadowing

  • Mogra Beacoup

    Mogra Beacoup

     2 hours ago

    Guys what if backstage the judges told zoey to sing a pink song and for drama and spice embarrassed her ?!!!!!

  • Colour _SQUAD

    Colour _SQUAD

     2 hours ago

    imagine ariel being ya mum

  • maggie charls

    maggie charls

     2 hours ago

    Ariel: "First of all, I'm not a number I'm a human being."

  • Devil Eyes

    Devil Eyes

     3 hours ago +1

    Is arielle wearing a dead octopus on her head?

  • JLucyPLAYZ


     3 hours ago +1

    This is so cringe 😬

  • Donald Delaon

    Donald Delaon

     4 hours ago +1

    These people have no real friends. Why would real friends have you go on thinking you're amazing at music when you are not

  • Heyyoo Broo

    Heyyoo Broo

     4 hours ago

    I’ll be honest but Zoe smile is pretty adorable

  • The Gavin Fu Channel

    The Gavin Fu Channel

     5 hours ago


  • Melanie Tauchert

    Melanie Tauchert

     5 hours ago

    idk who the little man on the left of the judges panel is but i love him he’s so SWEEEET

  • Alyssa Kniesteadt

    Alyssa Kniesteadt

     6 hours ago

    Why are people still defending Zoey? Even if they did tell her to sing a P!nk song back stage the judges gave her a second chance. No excuse to act like that. Obviously this was a while ago and she’s a lot older and has probably bettered herself, but there is no excuse for that behavior.

  • Collin Im

    Collin Im

     7 hours ago

    no caption i just think it’s funny

  • skylar Dela Cruz

    skylar Dela Cruz

     7 hours ago +1

    Best example of people who don't know how to handle criticisms and failures. 😂

  • Irish Mud

    Irish Mud

     8 hours ago

    i feel like zoey could have had a real shot she just needs lessons.
    she has quite a lot of personality and such but she’s lacking in talent

  • Mark L

    Mark L

     8 hours ago

    Are these people born this brain dead, or do they have to go through some kind of ritual?